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The Devilís Triangle

Alyssa Brooks

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Loose Id


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The Devilís Triangle

Cheri sets out to prove that the myths about the Bermuda Triangle are just that Ė myths. A nice vacation with her son, Matt, soon turns anything but nice. When something causes her airplane to malfunction, Cheri finds herself on an island called Paradis. Cheri, a widow, has kept faithful to her husbandís memory but meeting Gage may soon change that. While the island is a beautiful place, Cheri wants to return to her life. The pull Gage has on her heart makes Cheri want to stay, but their differences may be more than Cheri can take.

Gage has never met a woman like Cheri before. Instantly attracted to her, Gage wants Cheri, but knows he cannot have her. After their first night together, Gage cannot let her go. Now he must convince her to take a chance on him. Persuading Cheri to give Paradis and him a chance will take a lot of work. Gage has to have faith that time will show Cheri that they are meant to be.

Alyssa Brooksí The Devilís Triangle is a wonderful book that will sweep you into the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. The connection between Cheri and Gage is tested by Cheriís reluctance to have a relationship with a man that is very different from her. I enjoyed that Ms. Brooks showed that love chooses us, that we do not always have control over who we love. This is a thoroughly enjoyable book that you should not miss.

Reviewed by: Tewanda
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