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~Barbara Clark~

I was born in San Diego, California, but basically raised all over the United States; at least that's what it seemed like when I had to list the twenty-three schools I'd attended in my college application.

Most of the moving around was during World War 2 when my father's job took him to the East Coast and back again with a great two and a half years living in Tucson, Arizona.

My sister, brother, and I learned to adapt to new places. We lived at the edge of the Dismal Swamp in North Carolina, fed the ducks in Fenway Park in Boston where I went to Girls Latin School, and experienced our only hurricane in Charleston, South Carolina. We also lived in New York City, then back to the San Diego area, and finally the Los Angeles, and Orange county areas of California.

Some of those years have become part of my fictional characters' backgrounds.

You'd think I'd had enough traveling and moving. Not quite. After teaching in Kindergarten and First Grade in California for five years, I took a job in Nome Alaska. It was a fantastic experience. Nome was where I tasted whale blubber (tastes sort of nut-like), had a ride in an umiak (a forty-passenger boat made out of driftwood with oogrook hide stretched over it) and walked out on the frozen Norton Sound.

Now I'm retired after thirty-four years of teaching, and excited by my new and growing career in writing.

Amber Quill Press

Tears of the Desert Rose
Sons Of Earth And Wind, Book V

After a four years absence, Prince Jalil walks back into Rose Maguire's life with an ancient scroll containing information on the source of the legendary Tears of the Gods said to have magical powers. Rose translates the scroll and tries to ignore her attraction to the one man who can upset her comfortable life and make her yearn for more.

Jalil's paranormal gift has shown him his country's future and his are connected to the mystical Tears. So he's sought out Rose, the one person who can translate the document--the American woman he can't forget, and should.

As they cross the burning Sahara Desert into perilous highlands and mountains, they're plunged into a world of intrigue and danger in which their courage, love, and growing paranormal gifts are tested beyond human limits.

Amber Quill Press

Montana Bride

A rugged cowboy, cynical about wealthy women, takes the job of foreman on a Montana ranch for an heiress who's trying to raise her orphaned niece and nephew--and battle her father's attempt to gain their custody.

To protect the children, the cowboy and the heiress enter into a marriage of convenience, an arrangement that may prove love conquers all.

Tears Of The Hawk
Sons Of Earth And Wind, Book I

Security specialist, Hawk Adams, will brave any danger to protect a woman, but he'll never trust one. So when he rescues Charity Starr from kidnappers, he's stunned by the tenderness and passion she ignites in him.

Born with psychic gifts, Charity has locked them away in self-protection. Hawk not only opens her paranormal abilities, but also expands them.icon download textures download ebooks Dr. Andrew Weil templates free forms templates 3d models models 3d download

Because of his unconscious ability, his very presence endangers her life. But as Hawk takes on the self-appointed task to protect Charity from her ruthless enemies, they grow closer, and Hawk learns he can't protect his wounded heart from her healing love.

A Breath Of Heather
Sons Of Earth And Wind, Book II

Heather Carter, a gentle psychic with a painful secret, struggles against danger and her attraction to the former covert agent, Quinn Archer.

Quinn, betrayed in the past by a woman with secrets, is stunned by his desire for Heather, a desire he fights. But as he takes on the self-appointed task to protect her, will he learn too late that loving Heather will free him from the chains of the past?

A Touch of Fire
Sons Of Earth And Wind, Book III

Security agent, Michael Forest, has given up his dreams of a wife and family. When he's assigned to protect Summer Morgana Starr, he's stunned by his attraction to her, an attraction he fights.

Summer, born with the ability to restore fiery lines of power deep in the earth's crust, risks her life each time she heals those lines. For her own safety, she should bond with a man of paranormal powers, but her heart has chosen Michael, a man without any psychic talents.

When a ruthless enemy from Michael's past puts Summer in jeopardy, Michael sacrifices himself to save her life and her sweet touch of fire.

Deserts of the Heart
Sons Of Earth And Wind, Book IV

When Prince Kadar Hamad learns the ancient sword stolen from his father's palace has been traced to a shop in Seawind, California, he goes there to reclaim it. As he questions the owner, Faith Webb, he's surprised by his attraction to this woman he thinks is dealing in stolen goods.

The last person Faith should allow into her orderly world is Kadar, a man who asks disturbing questions. From the moment he walks into her shop, he sets her unruly imagination dreaming, and expands her paranormal abilities.

Their quest for the magical sword plunges them into a world of danger and intrigue, and a trek across the burning, shifting sands of the Sahara Desert. As passion grows between these two strong-willed people, they learn that love can fill the empty deserts of their hearts.

Dangerous Haven

Since her husband's death four years earlier, Sharon Smith has cocooned her heart against love, and remembers only the happy times with him. So when she's drawn to cynical Brad Templeton, she's frightened by the attraction.

Brad Templeton fought his way out of poverty and founded a major international corporation. He has no illusions about love and commitment.

As sensual awareness grows between them, her world in a small town collides with his of wealth and international power. Will they learn to trust each other before it's too late, and find a safe haven together in their love?

Emerald Heat

A Brazilian Rainforest and lush passion both contribute to the relationship of Lily and Jim...but will they be able to survive the horrors, the intrigue, the terror of this chaotic adventure in a steamy foreign land and still retain their unstoppable passion?

~April Reid~

April Reid is the pseudonym for award-winning author Barbara Clark, who wanted to stretch her writing skills into the romantica genre. Readers will find the same quality in stories by "April," as they have come to expect in stories by "Barbara". The only difference is the stories will be more steamy and over-the-top. Always, they will be more ways than one.

Amber Quill Press

Deadly Desires

In order to overcome the family curse and maintain his humanity, Tariq El Zafir, Sultan of Khatarza on the planet Traber, needs to bond with a virgin who willingly surrenders her heart, mind, and soul to him. If not, he will shift to a black wolf each time both moons are full, and eventually remain in that form forever.

When Kayla, Keeper of the Flame, is chosen by the sultan to be his life-mate, she willingly bonds with him, but conceals her own ability to shapeshift. Will she help Tariq break the curse or become the first victim of the sultanĥadly Desires?

Amber Quill Press

The Sultan's Revenge

Seeking revenge for the kidnap and rape of his teenage sister, Khalid Barakah, Sultan of Tarkassa on the planet Traber, invades and conquers Vardon. As part of his reprisal, he demands the Vardonian firstborn princess become his bondservant.

When virgin princess Rima Al Najib, is sent as tribute to the conquering sultan, she goes with vengeance in her heart, determined to destroy him. But as attraction grows between them, hate turns to love--a love threatened by betrayal and deceit in the heart of Khalid࣯urt.

The Dragon's Choice

Since the day Shimmara d' Assana had been chosen to become the bride of the Dragon King, her only consolation was the bride price paid to her impoverished family, and her secret dreams of desire for her bodyguard. Now the wedding day has arrived. Tonight she will be chained to the sacred Bride's Pillar and wait for the dragon king to claim his bride. Tonight, she will die.

Rion d' Vortimer knows he shouldn't be attracted to Shimmara. He's been her bodyguard for a year and has done everything to avoid giving in to passion. But their sexual desire for each other is too great. And fully aware they both risk a horrific death, they make love. Rion is determined to fight to his death to keep Shimmara safe, even though doing so may reveal a secret that could tear them apart.

Dark Passion

When Rahim Al Sayyed, Sultan of Aradi, sees the flame-haired Alyssa Palonui standing in chains on the slaver's block, he makes the highest bid, telling himself it's to save her from the vicious owner of a brothel. Rahim doesn't know she's a princess of Oceanus and betrothed to his deadly enemy--the one who caused his father's death.

As they journey across planet Traber, into the enemy's stronghold, and the cave of night flying dragons, Alyssa and Rahim explore growing paranormal gifts and the deep, dark passions hidden in each other's heart, mind, and soul.

Desert Passion

While waiting for her appointment with a sex therapist, uptight Rena Winters is kidnapped and whisked away to a silken tent in the Sahara where she loses her inhibitions in the arms of a masked desert lover...