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~Justus Roux~

Justus Roux is the writer of erotica with several novels to her name. She is also the editor of two anthologies and her short stories can be found on several websites. Her website showcases her work along with short stories by varied guest writers. She lives with her husband and three children in the beautiful state of Michigan.

Erotictales Publications

Masquerade is the last jinn of Felos and the one person that Avie believes can bring peace to the land. Avie’s naivety gives Alaston the catalyst he needs to trap Masquerade. If Alaston can get Masquerade’s gem close enough to the jinn, then the jinn’s power would be his to wield. Alaston arrogantly believes just because Avie’s is his betroth that he can talk her into anything. It is, after all, her duty as his soon-to-be-wife to obey his commands anyways, or so this is what he believes.

In her attempt to protect Masquerade from Alaston, Avie finds herself Masquerade’s master. She also finds herself in the land of Zeju. Masquerade had transported them there during his imprisonment into the gem. Zeju, the land of the beautiful warrior males, is one place that Avie never believed she would see. But it is Ruelle, a Zeju male, which completely throws her for a loop. He stirs passions in her that she thought only existed in dreams. Avie must find a way to free Masquerade, and find a way to curb her desire for Ruelle, before Alaston finds her.

Lilith's Web
I knew something was wrong the moment we entered that woman’s house. Mistress Lilith… hell to me she looked like a spider trying to tempt us all to get caught in her web. The way she looked at my Master, it made me nervous and hot all at the same time. She wanted him. Sure I have seen enough men and women drool over my Master, but this was different. Especially when I looked up at him, he wanted her too. It’s been awhile since I seen that kind of hunger in my Master’s eyes. Mistress Angelique can feel it too. I can see how nervous she is. Good, let her sweat, she has the honor of being Master Dante’s lover, she should have to work for it.

If this was the only thing that awaited me everything would be just fine. Mistress Lilith’s favorite submissive’s name is Romulus. Just hearing that name makes all the pain and guilt I have buried bubble to the surface. Romulus…my little brother…my greatest regret…my greatest joy…Romulus…it’s too much for me to take in. I tell myself what are the odds that my brother is Lilith’s new submissive, yet, it is him.

I honestly don’t know if I can get through this. My Master is right here for me, like he has always been. With his help I might just survive this. I just hope we both don’t get caught in Lilith’s web.

-Apollo, Master Dante’s slave.

Darkness is Coming
Jena has been dreaming about the same handsome and dangerous looking man for as long as she can remember. This man goes only by the name Darkness. And for just as long she has had feelings of someone or something is watching her. Her only respite from these feelings was the time she spent with the nuns when she was a teenaged girl.

Lazarus is an ancient druid who is charged with guarding Jena. He must protect her from Shadow and his clan of vampires. Shadow has caused an angel to fall from grace and he did the unthinkable of turning an angel into a monster. This angel is now called Darkness. Lazarus must keep Shadow and Darkness away from Jena. She is the pure soul described in an ancient druid scroll. It’s more than that to Lazarus. His growing feelings for the woman he is charged with defending strengthens his resolved to protect her. Even if he must go against his own people he will save her.

Black Velvet
Black Velvet is the name of the hottest male stripper in town. Black Velvet is also the name given to the thief who has been linked to several robberies in the city. Hunter Getz is both of these men. The money he makes at the Pleasure Alcazar and he gets from robbing the rich goes to help his friends out.

Jody Davis has been assigned to the Black Velvet robbery case. She works diligently to catch this clever thief.

Linda, Jody's best friend and fellow detective, forces Jody to go to the Pleasure Alcazar with her. It's been awhile since Derek left Jody broken hearted. Linda just wants her friend to have some fun and let go for one evening. Jody feels terribly out of place at the Pleasure Alcazar. She has to admit that the men are very hot, even still, she still feels awkward. From the moment Black Velvet takes the stage Jody is mesmerized by him. Linda notices this and bids on Black Velvet for her. Jody finds herself in Hunter's room. She spends a very erotic two hours with this sexy man. And from this moment on he doesn't leave her thoughts.

Whiskey Creek Press - Torrid

Surrender & Whips
“Surrender”- Something is missing from Adam and Liz’s relationship. When Adam represents an unusual client and must observe her lifestyle he finds what his and Liz’s relationship needed.

“Whips”- Skye and Arnet love their Master beyond words, yet they are finding it harder to deny their growing feelings for each other


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