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~Lynn LaFleur~


Perfect Pleasure
Lust grabs Damien Beauvais the first time he sees Cassie Reid standing on the beach in Port Clef. He hasn't reacted so strongly to a woman in three years, not since the incident that changed his life.

Fantasies of the two of them naked fill Cassie's mind the moment she meets Damien in his aunt's bakery. To help those fantasies come true, she gets assistance from a love potion thanks to the local witch.

Lovemaking with Damien is the most perfect pleasure Cassie has ever experienced. She hates that she tricked him into loving her, yet if she admits the truth about the witch's potion, she could lose him forever.

(This book originally published as Candlelight Wish. Check out other books in The Sweet Spot Series here.)

~Cait Miller~


Island Affair
When Robin decides to spend his vacation at a gays-only resort on a beautiful island to escape from his suffocating hometown, falling in love wasn’t on the agenda. John is handsome and unashamed and Robin finds himself swept away. However, the enigmatic Scotsman harbors a dangerous secret.

Their island affair explodes with a passion neither man expected. As they realize something stronger is blossoming between them, events conspire to separate them and both men are irrevocably changed. Robin returns home to pick up the pieces of his life, slipping back into the small town closet and putting the island behind him. John has other ideas, but staying together might be the least of their worries.

Reality has a way of making you work for your happily ever after.

~Ruby Storm~


Sunday Love
"The one that got away..."

It’s something that’s always been in the back of Jake Sunday’s brain since saying goodbye to his good friend from boot camp. Military deployments sent them separate ways, led them along different life paths, but he never forgot Tony. Jake is out of the closet and proud of it. He will live the best life for himself, but first a deep-seated need to discover if Tony could have been the man for him brings Jake to Port Clef years later.

Tony’s hands are full with a family business and a young son, but life is good and he’s happy. A man from his past, one who’s tickled his memory and tormented his fantasies suddenly appears out of the blue, adding an unexpected twist to what he always thought would be the norm. Now he’s got to decide if he’s re-establishing an old friendship or if he could have something more.
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~Tielle St. Clare~

Candy Apple
Book 3 in the Red Panty Diaries series.

Tasha has heard the tale of the cursed wedding dress since she was young. Now it’s her turn. Unlike her friends, who somehow each ended up with two men, Tasha knows she’s destined for just one—someone a little bland and boring, but she’s okay with that. She dons the dress to prove her fiancé is that man…but the dress doesn’t respond to him.

However, it sure reacts to the sexy stranger in the elevator, leaving her standing there wearing nothing but candy-apple-red panties. One night of incredible sex leads Tasha to believe the dress has done its job. Imagine her surprise when it responds to another man, a bad-boy firefighter and cousin to the man from the elevator.

Now Tasha’s got two lovers—and they aren’t inclined to share!

~Tara Nina~


Tasting Devilish Delights
When Antonio promises a fifth year anniversary present she’ll never forget, Livia’s imagination takes flight. With this hot younger man in her life, she knows sex happens anywhere, anytime. Blindfolded, she awaits their next erotic adventure with high expectations. Upon arrival to their destination, Antonio uncovers her eyes. A world of wonderful toys and adventure meets her gaze as she stands in the middle of Devilish Delights, a sex toyshop.

He gives her free rein to choose her present and lead this latest sensuous game of pleasure. He knows she loves having sex in public. She knows he loves hot, sexy lingerie. Spotting the perfect item, she takes it into the dressing room. Dressed for sex in a gorgeous black bustier with silky ruffles and a pair of spiked-heel stilettos, she opens the door, lets him in and doesn’t resist the invitation in his smile.

The dressing room will never be the same after Livia and Antonio taste devilish delights in the form of an erotic anniversary escapade.

~Diana Hunter~

Remembered Love
Val knew all her husband’s moves — and that was the problem. After five years of marriage they’d fallen into a rut. Sex with Gary had become…mundane.

…Until Gary suggested adding a little kink to their sex life and Valerie discovered a whole new side of her husband. In the middle of the ropes and playing, they both…Remembered Love.
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~Arianna Hart~


Devil's Playground
Mac will do anything to keep the city from going up in flames, but will Caitlyn become the first victim in the DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND?

E.R. nurse Caitlyn O’Toole has seen just about everything in her time, but she’s never had a bleeding patient under her car before. When the gunshot victim turns out to be her brother’s partner, can she keep him alive long enough to stop the city from going up in flames?

Devlin “Mac” McDougal has been working undercover trying to bust an illegal weapons ring for months. He was inches away from success when all hell broke loose. Can he trust Caitlyn to save his life when he no longer trusts her brother?

As the city gets closer and closer to conflagration, Caitlyn and Mac throw off plenty of sparks of their own. Even though the heat between them is intense, can Mac believe his heart over his finely honed investigative skills? And can Caitlyn find a way to protect her family without losing Mac in the process?
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