Rx for Pleasure

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Rx for Pleasure

Ann Jacobs

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Changeling Press


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Members Only: Rx for Pleasure

Cade Calhoun is a highly respected surgeon. He and Margaret “Maggie” Berman have been colleagues and friends for a long time. They are both members of the trauma team at Metropolitan Hospital. Margaret is on her way to becoming one of the best trauma surgeons in town.

After losing a patient on the surgery table, Cade takes Maggie out for a drink to relax her. The heat between them is sizzling and the only way they find any relief is in bed. Cade lives the secret life of a being a Dom and finds that Maggie had a bad experience with her former Master. Cade shows her that he will never hurt her physically or emotionally.

Cade finally discovers that he can have someone that is beautiful, intelligent, and shares the same kind of intimate fantasies that he does. Maggie is perfect for him in everyway and he will not let her go. But, will she be able to forget the past and let herself be part of his life?

Members Only: RX for Pleasure examines the life of couples that experience the secrets of the Dom. Cade and Maggie discover sex is more than just sex when you place your heart in the hands of that special love of your life. Ann Jacobs presents us with such a sexually erotic love story, I give her 4 angels.

Reviewed by: Briana

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