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The Naked Duke

Sally MacKenzie

Published By:
Zebra Historical


Release Date:
February 2005


The Naked Duke

James Runyon, Duke of Alvord, needs a wife and though he does not relish the thought of proposing to Lady Charlotte Wickford, he fears that he is out of options. Despite the doubts of the authorities, he is sure that his cousin Richard is trying to kill him to gain the Dukedom and as he is getting bolder in his attempts. James feels that he must marry and secure an heir.

Sarah Hamilton wishes that she had never made a deathbed promise to her father to travel from America to England and present herself to his brother, the Earl of Westbrooke. She knows how much her father detested the English aristocracy and can only surmise that he wanted her to return to the family that he left many years ago.

When she is within a few hours ride of the Earl’s home the coach in which she is traveling stops for the night at an inn. The innkeeper informs her there are no rooms available and she is desperately tired. When a very well mannered and well dressed gentleman mistakes her for someone else and informs her that her room is indeed waiting, she decides to take the room and hope that when the right person arrives she will understand and not mind sharing the room. It’s not until she wakes up the following morning that she discovers her room mate is not a “she” but instead a “he” and THEY spent the night in bed together . . . naked.

Sally MacKenzie’s first novel, The Naked Duke, runs a range of emotions that will have you laughing out loud and then biting your nails in anticipation. James and Sarah’s first meeting is a comedy of errors that I will not soon forget, but as the book progresses the plot becomes much more intense. The characters are realistic, the story is fast paced and the love story of an American girl returning to her father’s homeland to find love and happiness is straight out of a fairy tale. I am not a big fan of historical romance but must admit that I truly enjoyed and can highly recommend this one.

Reviewed by: Missy

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