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Snapping Turtle's Honor

Sherry Derr-Wille

Published By:
Whiskey Creek


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Snapping Turtle's Honor

Snapping Turtle is being held captive until his brother Hawk and his tribe returns from their winter camping ground and an exchange can be made. Hawk is keeping Akito, the Shaman's son of the tribe that is holding Snapping Turtle. Snapping Turtle knew Makisa was the woman the gods had made for him the moment he saw her. But how can he make her love him when he is part of the reason her brother Akito is no longer in their village? Can she see him as more than just the enemy?

Makisa is intrigued by Snapping Turtle. The very fact that he volunteered to become a hostage for the safe return of her brother proves how brave he is. Soon Snapping Turtle proves his worth as a hunter and an intelligent warrior as well. Makisa accepts the will of the gods and agrees to become Snapping Turtle's wife. But with the coming of spring and the return of Hawk's band also comes the question of will Snapping Turtle honor his vow to forsake his family and home and become a member of Makisa's village or will Makisa be forced to choose between her beloved husband and her own family?

Snapping Turtle's Honor is a delightful and adventurous trek back in time to native America. With many twists and turns, this is a page-turner from the very first page. The love story not only between the main characters of Snapping Turtle and Makisa, but also between secondary characters, is heartwarming and seductive. Snapping Turtle is the perfect hero. He is honorable, handsome, brave and smart. His engaging talents soon win over the skeptical people who hold him hostage for the return of the Shaman's son. Makisa is an endearing heroine. She knows her own mind and isn't afraid to follow her heart. She is willing to learn new traditions in order to make her newfound love more comfortable in their courting. However, she is insecure about how Snapping Turtle will feel when he comes face to face with his brother after the long winter.

Sherry Derr-Wille has another winner on her hands. Snapping Turtle's Honor is the sequel to Birdsinger's Woman, another must read for all Historical Romance lovers. While Snapping Turtle's Honor stands alone and is a delight to read, the reader will be able to understand the story behind Snapping Turtle's captivity.

Reviewed by: Penny

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