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A Wee Light

Allie Bates

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New Age


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A Wee Light

Graham Gordon leaves his Highland home and his young son Brian, to aimlessly search for something he is not even aware he needs. Heather Balloch has foreseen that Graham is her destiny. Their meeting is no surprise to her. Nor is the fact that she knows that she will only have one year to be with him before she dies in childbirth. Graham initially doubts her vision but comes to believe in her gift of sight. A year passes and their daughter Branwyn is born. And, as Heather predicted, she dies leaving Graham heart broken and grieving for his bride of twelve months.

The book is set in the Scottish highlands, a place of legends and magic. Like any good book, A Wee Light made me want to read more, to understand that which I could not grasp in what I had just read. I have not read Earthchild so I can only guess the story revolves around Branwyn and any possible inherited gift of sight.

I also like the fact that the author provides a Scottish language key to understand the vernacular of the times. I give the book four angels and look forward to reading Earthchild to pick up where the prequel left off.

Reviewed by: Janet

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