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Three Days In
New York City

Robin Slick

Published By:
Phaze Books


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Three Days In New York City

Elizabeth, an unhappily married wife and mother of two college-age sons, and Richard, a distinguished upper class Brit with three young daughters, are both attorneys in the same international law firm. Elizabeth lives in Philadelphia, and Richard lives in England. They’ve never met, but they have been carrying on a hot and heavy affair online and on the telephone for several months. They have planned to meet at a hotel in New York City to explore what their relationship means. Will their plans and dreams result in a long-term relationship?

This is the story of a cyber affair, and how people can appear to be something they are not while chatting online. While not a romance in the fairy-tale sense, this story is a very well-written look into the mind of a woman engaging in her first affair. Another interesting aspect of this story is the conflicting male/female viewpoints on what is happening. The story is told in the first person, from Elizabeth’s viewpoint, which gives the reader an over-the-shoulder look at the events that occur. I really liked the character of Elizabeth; her motivations and feelings are communicated clearly to the reader. Perhaps that is why I was not as fond of Richard as a character. The sex scenes are quite explicit, and a little bit kinky, including oral and anal sex, light bondage, and sex toys. It took me a little while to get into the story, but I thought it was extremely well done, and enjoyed it as a vignette of weekend in a woman’s life.

Reviewed by: Jean

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