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Bullet Back Snake

Lincoln Rogers

Published By:
Echelon Press


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Bullet Back Snake

The middle of the Denver trail in 1885 isn't a strange place to find a grave, but it is strange to find a beautiful gun and gun holster hanging on a cross over that grave.

The cowboy was warned not to take it by an eerie old man who smelled of musty ground and had an old, cracking voice. But the gun is too beautiful for the cowboy to just leave. After one last warning that this "Bullet Back Snake" would be the end of the cowboy, the old man disappears. The cowboy takes the beautiful gun and replaces it on the cross with his gun and gun holster.

Wearing his new gun, the cowboy arrives at a small town and immediately notices that everyone seems to fear him - a feeling he likes. He should have heeded the old man's warning and left the gun. It is going to teach the young cowboy a lesson he will have to live with for all eternity.

This short story catches you from the beginning as it has an aura of mystery surrounding it all the time. There is just always the feeling that there is something else going on that is hidden from us. This would be a great "quick read" off of your Palm Pilot while riding the bus to work.

Reviewed by: Kathy

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