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Lady of the Knight

Jackie Ivie

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Zebra Books


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Lady of the Knight

Morgan KilCreggar is a lean, leggy Scottish girl, sworn to avenge the massacre of her family. She sets herself on a path to do so, disguised as a lad, and meets up with Zander FitzHugh. He mistakes her for a boy, as she intends, and enlists her services as his squire. The FitzHughs killed her clan; now with her perfectly honed skills at weaponry and her position as Zander’s squire, she can begin to make them suffer as she has suffered.

Zander is a knight of the realm, searching for a way to unify the shattered land of his birth and raise them up to fight against English oppression. He has an uncommon way of building his fiefdom, and Morgan gives him something more to barter with than he had before: a lackey with an almost uncanny skill with every kind of killing tool imaginable. Morgan manages to keep her secrets from him, and so it comes as a horrible shock to him that he begins to have romantic feelings for his squire, a boy!

What follows is a humorously written tale detailing Zander’s struggle to accept his feelings, and Morgan’s determination to keep her newfound desire for him at bay.

Prepare to be amused, entertained, and moved almost to tears. Jackie Ivie scores a huge hit with this medieval romp, weaving her fictional story in and out of the historical account of the Scottish clan uprisings under Robert the Bruce. Her characters take life and flow right off the page, captivating her audience and leaving them asking for more of her excellent work. Morgan is certainly not your average Scottish lass, as she is a self-taught weapons expert and definitely not biddable. She is, however, not without charm and, of course, beauty. Zander fairly leaps off the page to wrap the reader in a lusty haze, as Ivie’s descriptions of him nearly had me drooling. Even the secondary characters were endearing and funny, especially Sally Bess, the castle’s self-proclaimed “World Champion Bedder”. I love this time period as a setting for romance novels, and Lady of the Knight delivers all that a discriminating reader demands - lush passions, soaring temper! s, revenge, royalty and a lass with an uncommon talent for finding trouble.

Reviewed by: Michelle

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