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Black Flowers

E. F. Watkins

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Amber Quill Press



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Black Flowers

Allison Constantine thought that she had the perfect man when she married David twelve years ago. He was ambitious, handsome, and on the rise in his career. But, the honeymoon is about to end. When the head of the company Genesis suddenly goes crazy, kills his family, and apparently commits suicide, David is made the new CEO. These are the first of a long line of mysterious deaths. Suddenly, Allie finds herself questioning some of her husband's actions, as well as the actions of the other board members in the "brotherhood" at Genesis. Allie suspects that she’s being followed, but by whom? A rival firm? A group protesting Genesis' experiments? Or the former Genesis president?

As Allie digs deeper, she discovers more disturbing things about the company and her husband. People around her start to meet with fatal accidents. Can she risk her own life and the lives of her children to bring the guilty to justice?

WOW! This story will keep you on the edge of your seat. This was one incredible page-turner; this reviewer couldn't put this book down. Full of intrigue and nail-biting action, Black Flowers will not disappoint. Ms. Watkins has penned fascinating and well-rounded characters. Allie is a total mother hen. She will do whatever it takes to keep her children safe, risking even her own life to protect them. Allie discovers character that she didn't know she possessed, as well as strength that her husband didn't know she had. David is a character you will love to hate; he is truly evil. The array of secondary characters is wonderfully written. Many are terrifying, while others will draw the reader's sympathy. Don’t forget the light-hearted moments; there are plenty of those too, which prevent this book from becoming too dark of a story. The moments of Allie with her children and the moments of friendship balance the scales.

Ms. Watkins has a winner with this gripping tale; the amazing ending will leave the reader wanting more. She has also penned a wonderful opening for a sequel without disappointing the reader. Black Flowers is the first book this reviewer has read by this author, but it won't be the last. This book truly deserves this 5 angel rating and is a highly recommended read.

Reviewed by: Penny

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