Cerise DeLand Interview

Today I am speaking with Cerise DeLand, sensational author of sensational and sexy romance. Hi Cerise, and welcome to Fallen Angel Reviews today. It is good to have you with us.

Why don’t we begin by discussing Paris Exposé? The readers are anxious to hear about Deanne Delacroix and the handsome Architect Andre Ferrar. Why not share these characters and their story with us today?

Thank you for having me! PARIS EXPOSE is a result of fantasizing about my 10-day vacation April 1 -11 last year. Yes! April in Paris!

My significant other and I flew in and stayed at a sublime hotel in Montparnasse—and the wonderful aspect of PARIS EXPOSE is that the tiny, lovely area near the Rue Daguerre actually exists, with cafes and shops exactly as I describe them. I loved the idea of a young graphic designer like Dee wanting to change her life completely and finding that, after she sees a scrumptious man nude in the apartment opposite, she must meet him!

Where did the idea for the story evolve?

I felt the area of Paris so vividly—the escargot, the salmon tartare, plus the Rodin Museum and Versailles--that I HAD to write about those experiences. The tour I give the reader I hope allows them to “taste” a few of the glories of Paris!

Can you describe the thrill you get when you compose once the characters take center stage?

Mine is an insightful process. As if I were a portrait painter, I begin to “see” a character as I write him or her. Oh, yes, before I begin, I do have a concept, a concrete knowledge of the conflict between them, and I do know what they look like. But to feel them? Ah. I must write them. So my beginnings are a matter of laying down the basics, then building as I brush new color onto their personalities with dialogue and body mannerisms, then finding the uniqueness of the heroine’s and hero’s voices to describe the other. I begin to feel comfortable with them after much finite shading and re-focusing, ensuring they are real to me.

Are you spinning any stories now that you would like to share with us, on any upcoming releases?

I am delighted to announce I have a new story debuting September 18 from Ellora’s Cave! HER THREE-WAY MERGER is a ménage affair starring a stunning CEO of a spa chain. Sienna Galvan wants to buy land from Cord and Tate Ryder, once the boys next door and now pro-football players. When she goes to make them an offer they can’t refuse, she learns they want to drive a harder bargain. Sienna must then decide how to get what she wants—and make all 3 of them all happy!

And for those who love historicals, I have just signed a contract for a medieval romantica suspense that occurs in England in King John’s period. This book is my first with TOTAL E BOUND, and debuts March 15, 2010! I hope to do many historicals with TOTAL E and hope you will look for them. This one stars a knight who is hired to sire a son by a lovely countess who must bear a child or lose her lands! King John is actually a good guy in this one! (He was, occasionally!)

And soon to come is a story of a rodeo manager and the woman who done him wrong! I live in Texas—and once here, cowboys are the guys who live in your dreams! This one is titled FALLING HARD.

How would you describe your work station?

I have a GORGEOUS office that I practically live in! When we moved to Texas and built our home, I had them build a 24x20 paradise where I work, on average 9-5, Monday thru Friday. I do go out to meet clients (I run my own firm) and to run errands. I especially LOVE to go to the grocery and wine stores. For those of you who have seen my weekly blog, I say Wonderful! For others, please do come every Thursday to my blog for my tiny recipes for AFTERNOON DELIGHTS! These solve the problem of what to serve after that delicious afternoon event.

Are you the type of individual who gets weepy at the end of a good movie, or a sad movie, or do you just stay neutral through it all?

I do still get a lump in my throat at a few movies. Gone with the Wind. Indiscreet. Casablanca. Not too many contemporary movies, though. What a lack! We need more to-die-for romances on the silver screen!

If you were to label yourself in a ‘mood type,’ of all the seven dwarfs which one would share your title?

Smiley. (There is a smiley, isn’t there?) I chose in my late teens to decide that the glass of life was half-FULL. I temper any tendency to be negative. It is not good for my mental health or my creativity. Plus, what will be, will be—but I do believe, it is not how many times you are knocked down that counts. It is how you get up! Smiley!

Cerise, as a world-wide traveler, who has lived in Japan, Washington, D.C. and Italy, what one sentence would you say to describe that you will never forget about Japan, Washington, D.C. and Italy?

Ah. Wonderful warm memories of cherished places. We just returned from Greece this summer and that was breath-taking to see Olympia, Athens, Ephesus, Santorini and Mykonos.

But to your question:

Japan is refined exotica. With cherry blossoms in the Emperor’s gardens in Tokyo and a musical rain falling on the tree leaves, you feel transported to the time when geisha and samurai bowed to each other and strolled the same paths.

Washington, D.C. is the most pristine, impressive capital I have ever lived in. Clean, bright, white, the town is filled with the smartest, most dynamic people I have ever met.

I love Italy. Any part of it. Have you read my MIA DOLCE (my sweet) from EC starring an Italian duke who is a gourmet food producer? He comes from my time in Siena and Firenze where on every street corner, divinely handsome men with black silk hair and devilish eyes walk the cobbles. To sit in the piazza in the center of Firenze, sip cappuccino at the café and dine on their handmade chocolates (yes, there is such a café!) is the most delicious memory of Tuscany in full bloom!

Is there any movie you have watched and immediately would have changed the direction in which the storyline went?

Well, I join legions of those who fantasized that Rhett MUST have gone back to Scarlett. Better for her, however, that she go to him, eh?

If you had a chance to either go to the past or the future, which would you choose? Any particular year?

I like where I am planted. The past seems lovely, and when we authors write about it, it seems romantic. But was it really? Too many challenges. I like running water, heated rooms, perfumes, jets and cars!

Do you have a favorite nursery rhyme you will always cherish?

I favor Big Girl stories. Those by Nora and Janet. Minette Walters. Elizabeth George. Phillipa Gregory. Any fiction or non by the women in the family Fraser!

You have won a trip to Disneyworld for a week, what resort park do you visit first?

Can I return to Venice, instead?

Would you please share your website and any other links with us about your books, myspace, Facebook, any blogs?

I am delighted to send you over to my blog, where I run the AFTERNOON DELIGHTS, every Thursday. But I also post excerpts of my works there. Please do go,read and enjoy! Then, please do read the entire books.

Blog, MySpace

Please do come and write to me to tell me how you like them!


Cerise, it has been a pleasure having you with us today. We look forward to reading your books and your upcoming works.

Thank you very much! I am honored to be chosen!

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.