Roxanne Rhoads Interview

Hi Roxanne and thank you for speaking with us today. Why not relax in our cozy chair and tell the readers something about the world of freelance writer, erotica author and poet, paranormal enthusiast, and vampire lover, Roxanne Rhoads.

You have some enticing book covers. Which book would you like to discuss with us today?
My newest release is Torrid Teasers Volume 59 published by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.

Torrid Teasers #59 contains two of my erotica paranormal pieces, The Questioning Concubine and Renata.

Renata: The residents of the sleepy little town of Flushing, Michigan had no idea a vampire lived among them- seducing and drinking from all the men in town. Renata walked among them, blending in, taking only what she needed. One night while on the prowl for fresh blood at the carnival a handsome carnie caught her eye. She had no way of knowing that he was a vampire hunter and he was there for her.

The Questioning Concubine: Elita, a pure blood witch, has come home to find out who or what killed her parents and to take her rightful place as the head of the coven. After 5 years of investigating and exhausting all conventional methods at her disposal she decides to do the one thing a good witch should never do, summon a demon. The demon is not what she expected. Elita is soon swept up in his powerÖ and her own.

Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?
I work every day on something that has to do with my writing but some days I don't get to actually write, at least not my fiction- I do a lot of reviews, blog posts, and articles. There's also promotion, making contacts, networking, interviews, guest blogs, etc.

I don't make a set schedule because something always seems to change it when I try, so now I just go with the flow and work on what needs to be done, like meeting deadlines.

What is the hardest part of creating a book? Surviving the editor? Promoting? The last chapter?
For me the hardest part is the promotion. I am a shy person and Iím not so good with people, at least not in person. Dealing with a lot of people for promotion almost sends me into panic attack mode sometimes. Especially in the beginning. Now I stick to mostly virtual promotions which I have become comfortable with but I do know that I need to move into the real world of promotions as well.

What is in store for Roxanne for the future and do you have works in progress as we speak?
I always have a multitude of things in progress. I have several shorts and novellas that I am tinkering with and the beginnings of two novels. Plus notebooks upon notebooks full of ideas-those I am never short on, itís the time to follow through on all of them that is in short supply.

What does your working space look like? Are you an organized person?
I am a very organized person but I have a small house with a lot of stuff so the organization may not look organized to some. All around my desk I have stacks of books, notebooks, and files. I know where everything isÖjust donít touch it. If my husband or kids touch something everything becomes a mess.

Do you have a character that is especially close to your heart?
A novel I am working on has a character named Rowena. She is very close to my heart because in essence she is meÖfictionalized. I am using a lot of myself and my own life to create her and her story then throwing in a bunch of paranormal stuff to twist it and fictionalize it.

What is the best advice that anyone ever gave you?
To believe in myself because if I donít, no one else will.

What are some of your hobbies besides writing?
I love to be creative even when I am not writing I am creating something- arts and crafts, painting the house in a multitude of bright colors and faux styles, or gardening. I also love to treasure hunt at yard sales, thrift stores, and antique shops.

I have found that some authors listen to music while they compose. Is music your solace while writing or do you have another comfort as you write?
I can not listen to music while writing it is a distraction. If I am listening to music I like to give the music my full attention and really get into it, really enjoy it. I canít do that if I am working and I canít work if I am doing something else.

I donít really have a comfort while I write unless it is a rare moment when I have absolute silence (which is the greatest thing) because my husband took the kids to the park or something. Usually I work in a madhouse with kids and noise and TVís blaring which I try to tune out as much as I can.

Can you tell us something about you that makes you unique?
I have a wicked pitching armÖ which was discovered by my husband. We were playing catch with the kids one day and he had me throw the baseball to him. I shocked him with my pitch. After that he had me out there pitching all the time.

Later he discovered I could throw a perfect football spiral, too. Heís so jealous.

I think itís funny, I guess I missed out on a potential skill as a kid because I was never into sports growing up, never played. So I had no idea I could do these things.

You have 3 wishes, what are they?
Health, wealth and happiness for the members of my family.

Congratulations! You just won a year off from work to travel anywhere in the world and write the story of your dreams. Where do you go, what type of book do you write, and whatís the title?
I am so eclectic and desire to travel so much I donít think I could pick just one place. If I did it would be Europe. I would go to Ireland and Scotland and research the old Celtic myths and legends. The title of the book would have something to do with the Celts.

Roxanne, can you please share your website, Myspace, Facebook, or Blog with us today?,, and Twitter

What is your most favorite city in the United States you could visit over and over again and never grow tired of it?
I love the mountains of Tennessee; Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge all through the Smoky Mountains- that is an area my family visits over and over again. I also love the history and magic of New Orleans.

What is your favorite color?
Red. Sexy, sultry, passionateÖred is my color.

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.