Lynne Connolly Interview

Good morning, Lynne and welcome to Fallen Angel Reviews! It is very good to have you with us today. I appreciate you taking time out to answer some questions for us. The readers are eager to learn what Lynne Connolly, author of romance with a dark edge, has happening in her life.

Lynne, you are a very busy person and fantastic author. I absolutely love how you pen your stories and the refreshing characters you create in each one of them.

You wake to someone knocking at your door. It is a reporter who is eager to follow you around and see what you do everyday. Do you agree, and if so, what would we see going on through the lens of the camera?

Well, Iím all for new experiences, and that would certainly be one!

Iíd have to get dressed earlier, for a start. I tend to start the day in my dressing gown, but Iíd make an effort and put some clothes on. Then heíd watch me sit on the sofa at my computer and from then on the poor dear might be quite bored, because most of the action is going on in my head!

Mind you, at the moment weíre having the house renovated, and he could always lend a hand staining floorboards, laying carpets, painting walls and putting up more shelf units! Itíd help if he was a heating engineer, because ours is off to the Antarctic next week! (heís joining the British Expeditionary Force Ė plumbers have such exciting lives!)

I read you have an agent now. Can you tell me how or if things have changed for you in getting more of your work out to the publishers?

Iím with Isabel White, whoís based in London, but also deals with publishers abroad. We met in the British Library, at the Book, fast becoming a new meeting place. She does the print side of things for me, and all my new work. Right now, no. She keeps me up to date, but publishers are taking their time with work, even agented books.

On the ebook side, Elloraís Cave, Samhain and Loose-Id take what I write, and I have several series on the go.

Since you have always had an interest in the paranormal, is it easier for you to compose your paranormal stories?

In a way, but Iíve learned a lot about how to construct a world and keep it consistent.

Iíve always been interested in mythology, so Iíve read a lot there. That did have a lot to do with my deciding to keep my shape-shifters all mythical beasts. I have dragons, griffins, the phoenix, firebirds, even a basilisk! And vampires. I did read a lot of vampire myths before I decided on the ďrules" for mine. I didnít go for deliberately different, but mine do have some differences. And when you base the world on myths, the logic has been tested already, so as long as youíre consistent, it tends to work well.

I wanted you to know that I loved your Richard and Rose stories, like Harley Street. Now you have another new release. Would you please enlighten us on Red Heat?

Thank you! There are some brand new Richard and Rose stories coming up soon!
Red Heat is part of my STORM universe. In the other paranormals, the Talents (shape-shifters, vampires, etc) are hidden. Our world, and they move about without us knowing about it. In the STORM universe, the Talents have revealed themselves, but only just. Itís a social revolution and society is in an uproar. But life goes on.

STORM is the agency concerned with Talents, their rights and confronting their enemies. The hero of Red Heat, Chase Maynord, is an agent with STORM, a Sorcerer, a being with hugely powerful psi gifts, but a mortal lifespan. Heís still mourning the loss of the love of his life, Jillian, who died in a car crash three years before the story starts. But she comes back to him. Or is it her? Chase is sure itís Jillian, but nobody else is. Until he confronts her with their shared passion for public sex, even Jillian isnít sure, because their enemies, the IRDC, have altered her mind. Chase is the only person who can restore it, and bring Jillian back.

The book is in ebook format, and you can buy it here:
And read an excerpt here:

Where did you get the idea to compose this story?

Iíd already built the STORM universe, and I wanted to show how the radical Ďoutingí of Talents affected their lives. Chase isnít just an agent; he owns a chain of luxury hotels. So how would his customers feel, and his family? His mother, being New York Old Money, is disgusted. Itís bad enough when Chase had a dark secret, but she hates that everybody knows now.

I think about the dilemmas they will face, and then how they would cope with it. Plus the sex is pretty hot, and the research makes even someone like me blush!

The next book, currently in edits, is Red Shadow and itís my first vampire book for ages. Gotta love those vampire bad boys!

I know you enjoy the paranormal but of the stories you compose, Paranormal, Historical and Contemporary, which would you say really makes your heart leap after you write, The End?

Every single one. I love the way I can shift between genres, because each one presents different challenges. Itís refreshing to be able to do that and it stops me getting into a writing rut.

Iíve written historical for the longest, but my first paranormal just flew off the page.

Why not share some of your upcoming projects with us?

My first contemporary romance is coming out soon at Elloraís Cave (yes, itís pretty spicy!) Itís part of the Cougar Challenge series and features Edie, an ex supermodel, and a plastic surgeon who is ten years younger than her. Edie is happy with her body, but her people, including her agent and manager, arenít. But Edie meets a wonderful group of older women who encourage her to explore her sensuality and build confidence from the inside. Itís seems odd to talk about confidence in a supermodel, but Edieís face and figure are from nature, and she uses them to hide behind. She even uses a different name, Sunset, for her modeling work. John helps Edie to reveal the real woman under the model, the intelligent, loving person who he falls in love with. Itís called Beauty of Sunset, and itís out soon. And Iím so excited!

Iím waiting to hear about the latest Dept 57 story, which I sent to my editor at Loose-Id. It features Kai, the merman from Liquid Crystal. Writing about beautiful sea creatures is such fun, but quite a challenge, because the undersea scenes require a lot of imagination!

Loose-Id have also accepted Jewel Of The Dragon for reissue, but I plan to rewrite it quite extensively before it comes out.

In historicals, Iíve just finished Corinís story. Heís the third son of the Triple Countess, so if my new editor at Samhain likes it, itíll be part of that series. It was lovely to revisit Daniel, Orlando and Perdita, as well as delving into the life of mischievous, fun-loving Corin.
There are three more Richard and Rose stories, before I bring the series to a halt. But it might not be the end! Two of the stories are already written, and Eyton is due to come out in February, 2010.

Of all your characters, which one would you say is your favorite?

The one Iím writing right now. Thatís always the case. I try to get deep into their heads and there isnít any room for any other characters! I think thatís why I like to write in series, although with the exception of the Richard and Rose series, they can be read in any order. I get to know the characters, and then write about them, maybe revisit them if they have a place in the book.

Can you give us your website, myspace, or Facebook links?

Hereís the rundown:

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I currently write for Samhain Publishing, Ellora's Cave and Loose-Id. So you can find me on their loops and on their websites.

I write columns for Sybil at The Good, The Bad and The Unread:
Iíve just been asked to write a monthly column for The Raven blog. My topic will be mythical beasts.

What celebrity would you like to help promote your books?

Difficult! A sexy male never goes amiss, so maybe someone like Sean Bean. But I think, practically, the one everyone loves and the one everyone is talking about. Wouldnít hurt to have Oprah Winfrey on my side, either!

If you had the opportunity to visit either China, Japan, Hong Kong, or Australia, which place would you choose and why?

Why just one? Agh! And which part of China? Iíd probably choose Australia, because for some reason itís always fascinated me, and Iíve loved all the Aussies Iíve ever met. And they speak English, and my languages are a bit iffy to say the least!

Congrats, you have just won the chance to spend a week with either Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Ellen DeGeneres, or Bon Jovi. Who would you choose and why?

As above. Oprah. But only if sheíll promote my work. Iím British, so there are others Iíd choose, too. We donít have Oprah or Ellen on the BBC. I know who Bon Jovi is! But Iíve been involved with musicians before, and my, not again! Iím afraid I donít know who Diane Sawyer is, so I had to look her up. I see sheís on ABC news. Ah. Then maybe Paxo, Jeremy Paxman, is our equivalent. His nickname is The Rottweiler. It would certainly be interesting!

If a group of authors were to come to your house unexpectedly, and in dire need of something to eat, what would you prepare for them to feast upon?

Um Ė whatever was in the fridge or the freezer. I can cook, but Iím afraid it bores me and I usually end up reading while things are burning all around me. I eat to live, not the other way about. Gordon Ramsay would hate me, because I donít like shellfish or rare meat, Iím allergic to peanuts and most beans, and I donít really look at what Iím eating! But Iíd find something and most authors I know would be happy with popcorn, pizza and ice cream! I do a mean spiced apple pie, though.

Lynne, I appreciate the time you spent with us today. I really enjoy your books and look forward to many more in the future.

Thank you, itís been great fun. As Joe Gargery was fond of saying, ďWhat larks!"

See you at Romantic Times next year!

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.