Donna Del Oro Interview

Hello Donna Del Oro and welcome to Fallen Angel Reviews. It is so good to have you with us this morning. So, Donna, grab a cozy chair and let's begin our interview. The readers are eager to learn what Donna has been up to.

You have quite a list of upcoming books to your credit. By growing up in a bilingual, bicultural world, with Spanish and English, I understand you feel comfortable in both worlds. Besides growing up in a bilingual and bicultural world, what one important advantage, in your life, do you feel has helped you in your years?
I think having a supportive, loving family is vital. I've been lucky to have that and I wish it for every human being.

A Bodyguard of Lies was recently released; why not enlighten the readers about this blend of romantic thriller?
This thriller is about a handsome FBI analyst, Jake Bernstein, who goes undercover to investigate a naturalized American grandmother suspected of WWII war crimes. While investigating, he falls in love with the woman's beautiful granddaughter, which compromises his objectivity. Still, he gets the job done. The romantic subplot added a little spice to the main plot, Was the grandmother really the vicious Nazi spy known as Hummingbird?

Do you do an outline or just go with the flow?
I always plot and plan it all out in my head before I write. Having a blueprint in my head is necessary before I can touch pen to paper, so to speak.

What would you classify as the three most essential ingredients of an excellent novel?
Interesting characters that you can like or at least respect, a good thinking man's plot, and lots of twists and turns. I hate predictable plots. They bore me stiff!

When composing, do you ever toss and turn at night, wondering about the characters in your story, until you get it the way you want it to be in the story?
You'll laugh, but I tell my subconscious brain to work on a scene and to have it all worked out by the time I wake up. Sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn't. I've been doing this with problem-solving tasks since my college days. This kind of programming your sub-conscious is usually effective. I'm a psychology minor; what can I say?

Is your work area neat or cluttered?
Mostly cluttered. Kind of mirrors my mind.

Would you like to share any of your WIP's with us today?
I'm in the thinking, plotting stage of the sequel to A Bodyguard Of Lies. The next adventure of handsome Jake Bernstein.

If someone were writing a story about Donna, what type of character would describe you?
I'm probably a California version of Stephanie Plum.

Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?
No set schedule. I'm retired, so I don't like to work THAT hard. But when I do start a WIP, I don't let anything or anyone intrude. I like to go to a beach town and hunker down. The ocean roar is very soothing background noise for creating thinking.

Your editor is sending you on a fishing, and camping, trip to a beautiful location in the wilderness. When you arrive, an inspiration strikes for another engaging book, can you give us the title and what the story would be about?
Not another vampire romance, I assure you! It'd probably be the sequel to The Delphi Bloodline, my thriller about psychic women and the villains that pursue them.

If you had the choice to either go mountain climbing for the day, or spend the day river rafting down the Grand Canyon which would you choose?
River rafting, for sure! I love doing things in/on water.

The readers would love to know your website, likes, or Facebook.; I have an author Facebook page under my pen name.

If you were to compose a cookbook for your grandson, what would be a couple of your famous recipes you would record in the book?
Great question! All the ways you can make mac'ncheese more exciting. Jacob loves mac'ncheese!

Thank you Donna for this interview, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Everyone be sure to check out Donna's website and her super great books.
Thanks for having me!

Interviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.