Rosalind Scarlett Interview

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with author Rosalind Scarlett. Thanks for taking time to talk with me today Rosalind.
Of course! I am so pleased to be here!

To start, please tell us about your debut novel Cailín, Book I of the Anam Céile Chronicles.
The story of Cailín was derived from many experiences quite personal to me, and then gave them a paranormal twist. I combined my love for my ancestral Ireland with my affinity for music, horses, love itself, and vampires. While writing Cailín, I poured everything of myself into it, and at the end of each writing day, I would be so drained, a total void, it sucked me dry- hmm, not unlike a vampire. . . I took an everyday young girl who doesn't think herself anything special and heaved her into a world which contradicts everything she prided herself to be. Aislinn is forced to struggle to adapt and feel her way through her new uninvited life. She makes a lot of mistakes and is quite naïve, but she grows stronger with each new crisis she encounters, though she does not believe herself to be strong. Aislinn has so much she is not aware of, and will have to endure rather a lot before she discovers what makes her unique and just what her purpose is.

What was your inspiration for this series?
My original inspiration came from spending some time actively researching my Irish family ancestry a couple years ago, which just led to more and more curiosity and looking at more things about the area and culture. While my family comes from County Galway rather than Clare, still it is along the same rugged west coast of Ireland that my ancestors and my main character derive. I would say, all in all, she and I have many similarities. All my life I had wanted to write a novel and with my fascination with vampires, emotional and human behavior, sexuality and the darker side of humanity, it just seemed the natural things which to revolve a story. The series just developed organically, each idea branching into others until it became the foundation for a series. I have some great plans for the rest and it is still and always will be developing- likely even after I have all the books out and published. Then I suppose I will just have to find another place to put those belated ideas.

What is your favorite line from the novel and why?
That is a hard one! Since most of this novel deals with such serious subject matter, I think to lighten it up, I'll share a more comical line with you. That said, I would have to say that my favorite line would be during a scene when Aislinn is getting a homemade beauty treatment from her cousin Deirdre. In response to the egg she cracks over her head to supposedly add lustre to her hair, Aislinn taunts, "And how on earth did you ever look at the thing that came from a chicken's arse and think, 'Hmm, I bet if I rubbed that into me hair, it would become more gorgeous than already 'tis." I mimicked her in a higher tone than me own.

Since you wrote this book envisioning a series, did you do anything special to set up the future books?
I have had the general storyline laid out for a while, and of course, it has expanded and altered many times, as I am sure it will continue to. Originally, I thought it would only be a trilogy, but that too has changed. The story just keeps growing and growing!

Do you have a pre-planned number of books that will be in this series or will it change as you go?
As of now, I project there will be six books in the series. But that could always grow, and knowing me, likely it will!

What has surprised you most about the publishing business and why?
As I am a debut author, all of this is still so new to me. All I can say to any new authors, whether traditionally or self-published, is to do your research, and then do some more. The industry is changing so fast, and nothing can be taken for granted. I chose to self-publish not because I didn't think I had what it took to go the traditional route, but rather because I knew I could succeed on my own, and I would have many more benefits, such as retaining all my own rights, deciding when and what I want to do with my own stories, keeping 70% of my profits as opposed to 10% (if lucky). Many new authors believe that if they are signed by a traditional publisher, that means everything will be done for them and they can devote all their time to their writing. However, that could not be further from the truth. The author is still expected to do all their own promoting. I figured if I would have to put in all the work, why should I sign away the rights to my work and my profits over to a publisher? Of course, this route may not be for everyone, some people want less involvement and want the professional support behind them. I wasn't afraid to put in all the hours of hard work. In fact, it has made the experience all the more rewarding!

If you could go back and do one thing over, what would it be and why?
I would have started writing long before I actually had, instead of wasting so many years letting others opinions and life in general hinder me.

Do you have a particular goal that you wish to reach, in terms of writing?
That is actually a complicated question! I have an endless number of goals, on different levels. My most basic goal is to write as much as possible and to never stop growing as a writer. Another goal is to have Book III of the Anam Céile Chronicles published by December of this year, as well as the first book in my Sanctum of Souls series, Rhapsody about fallen angels and the humans they desire. My ultimate goal, naturally, is to become well recognized and ridiculously successful as a writer so that I can enjoy a career which allows me to always be home with my family, as well as allowing me to live anywhere I want without the limitations of proximity to conventional employment.

Are there any occupational hazards to being an author?
Absolutely! Well, there certainly is the lack of motivation to get up and fix dinner . . . No, but seriously, I would say the tendency to immerse myself in your writing to the point of isolation. It is so hard when I am on a roll and someone invites me to go do something. I don't want to give up my writing time, but I know I am probably sorely lacking in socialization. But sometimes stepping away from my writing is a good thing, because it gives my mind the space to allow new ideas to shine through. Apparently, they suffer from stage fright when faced with me staring at the screen of my laptop all day like a zombie.

What do you do to relax?
That depends. When I am just going to be hanging at home, I like to turn on some music, burn some essential oils- usually lavender-vanilla and just sit in front of the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of wine and just enjoy quiet time with my husband or alone. If I had a nice bathtub, I would do the same in it. But I don't, I have to share a small bathroom with my boys, so it is hard to relax with boats and action figures everywhere! Maybe someday . . . I meditate and do yoga, which is very relaxing. Also, my husband is an acupuncturist, so I get treatments, as well as bodywork, which is great for relieving tension! When the weather gets warmer, I will sit out on my deck and relish the backdrop of my flower gardens while I watch the birds and squirrels come and collect the food I scatter for them in yard. Perhaps one day, I will live in a place where I will have the pleasure of seeing deer in my yard, too. That will be lovely!

What are some of your hobbies?
Besides yoga and reading a lot, again I love anything nature related. I enjoy tending to my garden and reaping the rewards from it. I love watching wildlife. I also like to hike, especially in the mountains, bicycle, and ride horses, tubing down the river. Traveling is great, too, but it is difficult with little ones. When they are older, I definitely intend to do more. I want to see it all! And photography, too, I like to take pictures of the places I go and the things I see. I have some pretty incredible pictures of beautiful places, like when we went on a trip to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state last year- a phenomenal place. That is where I intend to live someday.

Do you have any nicknames?
Well, my husband calls me 'Pumpkin', I guess because of my hair. And, of course, my little boy calls me 'Mom', that's always my favorite ;-)

If you could be any super hero who would you be? And why?
Hmm, interesting question. I was never really into super heroes. But, I would have to say, if I could possess a super power, it would be to be able to travel back in time. After all, who wouldn't want to right some wrongs and correct some mistakes they have made? But then, of course, one has to be aware of the consequences of altering fate, and the ripple effect changing everything in the process. I mean, have you seen how Felicity ends?!

What writing project are you working on now?
Right now, I am revising Soeis, Book II of the Anam Céile Chronicles, which is due to release by July of this year. I am also working on Rhapsody, the first book in my angel series, which is quite the refreshing change from writing about vampires and heartbreak for the past year and a half! That one I hope to release in September 2013. So keep an eye out!

Is there anything else you would like to add today?
I would like to extend my gratitude to those out there, from all over the world, who have read or are currently reading my work and getting excited about it and anxiously anticipating the next release. That means the world to me and is precisely the kind of fuel which I need to drive me as a writer. Otherwise, what is it all for?

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for us today!
You are more than welcome! It was my pleasure!

Interviewed by: Tammy