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Fairy Godlover

Devi Sparks

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Fairy Godlover

Devi Sparks delivers an enticing, humorous romance that is sure to delight readers.

Kelsey Schroder has secretly wished on numerous occasions to have a sexy man appear in her bedroom. With her degree in accounting, she understands the probability of that not happening. However, when sexy Sebastian Phate appears claiming to be her faerie guardian, who is she to complain.

Sebastian is a little confused. He works with children, not sexy thirty year olds. While they wait out a decision from his higher ups, Kelsey and Sebastian decide to see where their instantaneous attraction takes them. The sky is the limit when you have your very own Fairy Godlover.

Fairy Godlover is a light hearted erotic romance. The characters within the story are fun to experience and will have readers smiling throughout. However, this is not to say that the strength of the plot is just in the levity of the characters. Instead, Devi Sparks has filled this story with an entertaining plot and jaw dropping sexual exploits that will definitely have readers wishing for their own Sebastian. Kelsey and Sebastian are an excellent blend of personalities. Kelsey works too hard, yet no one can fault her for her dedication as all her work goes to help those less fortunate. Sebastian appreciates her dedication and is awed that one person is able to do so much without the aid of magic or money. In helping her, Sebastian finds that he wants to do more, but also wants to show Kelsey that there is a balance between work and play. And play they do. The scenes between Kelsey and Sebastian are extremely erotic. The variety and frequency of their escapades is amazing. Ms. Sparks has written the eroticism within their relationship in a descriptive, honest way. I enjoyed how she balanced the eroticism with the trust that grew between them. Yes, the scenes between them are hot, but all the while the reader and the characters are waiting to see just how long Sebastian gets to stay. Ms. Sparks has fashioned a story that has humor and emotion. The ability to blend wit and passion so seamlessly was wonderful to experience. Readers can feel the emotions that shimmer between Kelsey and Sebastian. This reader canít wait to see what comes next for their friends in Desperately Seeking Cupid.

Reviewed by: Amanda

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