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The Abyss:
Dark Romance Anthology

Charlotte Boyett-Compo, Steve Lazarowitz, Brenna Lyons, Allie Bates,
CT Adams, Patricia
A. Rasey, Tabitha A. Bradley, Rob
Preece, Morgan
Huxley, Jordan Alexander, Terri
Pray, Adrianna
Dane, Amy

Published By:
OpenCAD Internation Inc.


Release Date:
Available Now

Electronic and Print

The Abyss: Dark Romance Anthology

Hunger for the Wind - Charlotte Boyette-Compo
The discovery of a millennia old mummy causes quite a stir amongst the Egyptologists at The Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Catherine Miller has been invited to join the unveiling. What they discover instead is a god of ancient times. While the experts do not believe, Catherine hears the man in her mind. She is compelled to find a way to release her eternal beloved from his imprisonment.

Photo Finish - Steve Lazarowitz
Jimmy didn't question why the first words to him from his childhood sweetheart and later loving wife were: "You don't believe in monsters do you?" The discovery of a prescient photo album years later gives Jimmy a partial explanation. What ensues in following years is eerie to the extreme.

Playing Games II: Blackout - Brenna Lyons
She returned to the scene of the crime where she had been held captive and tortured. Officer Denise Roberts feels it is her duty as the only cognizant survivor of a group of madman’s sick game to do whatever it takes to help catch a killer.

Love Is a Holy GrailAllie Bates
Awkward and repressed Justin Smith builds a complete fantasy life around his high school crush. We follow Justin through his transformation to become what his obsession, Jenna, needs him to be.

Mind GamesCT Adams
Ian is trapped in complete and total darkness. Minutes, hours, days, he doesn’t know. There is no point of reference. Untold tortures at the hands of his enemies are his only memories. He is unsure of the powerful telepath communicating with him, but his sanity depends on human contact.

When Darkness FallsPatricia A. Rasey
Surely the gorgeous woman in his rifle sights couldn’t be the pariah of men as he was informed. Blake’s been a hired killer for over fifteen years; he’s never hesitated when it came to a job. The warnings flying through his mind about her evil nature just don’t jive. He has to find out for himself.

Once in a BlueTabitha A. Bradley
Wiccan Regina is having trouble with her landlord. Drake seems determined to kick her out of the home that she had an agreement with his mother to purchase. The currency that he is expecting for the mortgage may be more than Regina is willing to pay.

Tactical Error: The Return-of-Magic PlagueRob Preece
When Rod Corbin broke into the vampires hoard, he was searching for treasures and riches. He needed loot to cross back over with the rest of the Normals, out of Magic land. Instead he found a feisty elf who demanded to be rescued. Together they plan a brilliant heist that will make them both rich beyond their wildest imaginations.

ViscountMorgan Huxley
Knowing that the Viscount has been an unhealthy influence on her brother, that he is the worst possible rake and scoundrel; Myra is still drawn to the dark noble. This fascination could prove unhealthy in more ways than one.

A Walk on the BeachTabitha A. Bradley
Gaston’s plan for a solitary moment on the beach is foiled when he discovers a young woman has taken residence upon his favorite rock. Cassi, too has come to contemplate her circumstances. These two discover that they have more in common than is readily apparent.

Love BurnsAllie Bates
A mother-to-be finds her choices limited. Should she except an offer of marriage made out of pity?

Sierra’s ChoiceJordan Alexander
Sierra believes that suicide is a better alternative to turning furry every full moon. Marius has to convince her that shifting is a gift, not a curse.

The MatTerri Pray
Gemma reflects on the pleasures her Master has bestowed upon her for over two decades.

Dark AngelAdrianna Dane
Gabriel has made a business of rescuing people who get too deep into the D/s lifestyle. The case before him is personal. He’s long been enamored of Persephone. He only hopes that his rescue is timely enough to save her life.

Sword SwornTerri Pray
She is torn between fulfilling her familial duty, overlooking the herd and answering the persistent summons of the sword. She discovers that life away from her homeland can be perilous.

Tough LoveAmy Eastlake
In the Tough Love young offenders are placed in jail with adults and treated harshly in hopes that they will be scared straight. As a journalist this is precisely what Zoe loves to write about. As the guardian of a troubled younger sibling, this may be Zoe’s last hope. Posing as a social worker to determine the legitimacy of the program Zoe discovers more than she bargains for behind bars.

Born of DarknessSteve Lazarowitz
This is contemplations of one who has been imprisoned for countless years, sans any contact, light, food or water. What will happens when the Dark One manages to escape his bound walls?

BeaconMorgan Huxley
Her one true love has come for her, to escort her crossing over. She doesn’t want to leave her family behind but, death no knows bounds.

With its cast of heavy hitters and rising stars The Abyss is the best anthology that I've read in quite a while. There is more than one story contained in these pages that may be offensive to some readers. While I may not agree with how some of the characters acted and reacted, I have to say that I was enthralled by the situations these authors penned. Although I have heard of Steve Lazarowitz a.k.a. Master Nage, I had yet to read any of his work. I didn’t realize that I was missing out. Photo Finish is an original and gripping story, from the first paragraph to the last I was enthralled. Jordan Alexander’s, Sierra’s Choice, is one of my favorites, shape-shifters being one of my favorite themes. Fans of Brenna Lyons will not be disappointed with her contribution of Playing Games II: Blackout. The few stories that I mentioned are ones that stuck out for me, it will be interesting to see which one’s stick out for the other readers. These characters are not fair damsels or buff bodied heroes. They are earthy, no one's first pick of heroes and heroines. Creating worlds featuring any subject from ancient gods reborn to fire scarred loved ones, Dark Romance has compiled a thought-provoking peek into a world of romance that is not considered the norm.

Reviewed by: Joletta

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