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Silver Fire

Jeanne Barrack

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Silver Fire

Mirelle was not having a good week. Not only had she broken up with her cheating boyfriend, she was having the most erotic dreams about a man she had never met. Each night he would call her to him. Mirelle was sure she was going crazy. When she finally gives in to the lust raging between them, Mirelle is transported to another world. Jareth, her dream man, insists that he is a royal mage and she is his soul mate, as well as a princess. Unable to absorb all that Jareth is telling her, Mirelle decides that they should get to know one another better before they make love again. The closer they get to Mirelle’s kingdom, the stronger the forces come to stopping them.

Jareth has waited a long time for Mirelle and does not intend to let her go. He is determined to solve the mystery of her parents’ murder and who took Mirelle to Earth. Mirelle is unwilling to accept their destiny. Jareth knows that whoever spirited Mirelle away will not allow her to easily take her rightful position as princess. When a friend’s betrayal alerts Jareth to the serious danger surrounding Mirelle, he knows that he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

This is an excellent story. It has all the essential romance elements – romance, mystery, and suspense. Ms. Barrack has begun her new series with a bang. Mirelle and Jareth are fascinating characters that grow from their love. The author has a wonderful sense of humor and writes some very funny dialogue. I liked that Mirelle was not a wimpy woman character expecting Jareth to take care of her, but was proactive about her own survival.

Reviewed by: Tewanda

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