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The Hale Books:
Hell Hath No Fury

Alicia Sparks

Published By:
Changeling Press


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The Hale Books: Hell Hath No Fury

Scarlett Hale was not in a good mood. As one of the elite, a Protector led by the mysterious Order, her job, her raison d'etre, was to keep the streets of New Orleans safe from the nasty demon spawns. It had been three years and Logan Richards still haunted her thoughts, distracting her. Memories of tight blue jeans, covering a to-die-for butt, and hot summer nights, filled with hotter sex, were going to get her killed if she couldn’t find some way to deal with them. Demon hunters didn’t survive very long if they couldn’t keep focused.

She never expected to run into Logan again, not after all this time. Finding out her ex-lover was her new partner, and mysteriously reanimated from death, are not things that a girl handles well under the most normal of circumstances. But, dead or alive, Logan made her shiver and shake with want, with heat. And she didn’t care if this yearning, this need, damned her for eternity.

She wasn’t about to give it up without one hell of a fight…

Alicia Sparks tempts us with a small taste of things that are to come in her short but powerful Hell Hath No Fury. This reviewer wonders if crying and pleading, offers of first born or bribery with chocolate, would persuade Ms. Sparks to relent and quickly offer us completed tales of passionate romance, damned loyalties, and determined grit from the seductive city of New Orleans, a place of magic and mystery …

Reviewed by: Gayle

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