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Her Tenant

Sherri Derr-Wille

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Wings e-Press



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Her Tenant

Bryce Devlin is recovering from the death of his wife from cancer. Having mourned her for two years, he is ready to begin his life again. Bryce has taken a new job and moved from Chicago to the small town of Minter, Wisconsin. Luckily, his best friend Grant and Grant’s wife Lane live in Minter, and they look out for him, help him get settled, and find him a place to live.

Dee Williams is emotionally battered because of recent tragedies in her life. Her husband of twenty years left her for a younger woman, and the divorce was final just weeks ago. She is also grieving the recent death of her mother, who lived in the other side of Dee’s duplex. Having her mother so close was wonderful, and Dee feels bereft at her loss. During her yard sale to clear out her mother’s things, Lane and Grant bring Bryce by and suggest that he rent the empty side of the duplex. Dee has never been a landlord, but she agrees to rent to Bryce. Will the two of them develop a closer relationship than landlord and tenant? And what will their children think?

This story is in Wings’ Encore L’Amour Contemporary Romance line, and, I have to tell you, I love this line of romances. When I was twenty-five, I remember wondering what “old” people of fifty did for fun, since they obviously couldn’t have sex anymore. Now, having reached the age of fifty myself, I know what “old” people do for fun – they have sex, too! The hero and heroine in this novel are over fifty, and their love story is deep and touching. I loved it! The characters are realistically drawn, and seem like real people. The few love scenes are sensual and erotic, but not terribly explicit, and are just right for the ambiance the author creates. The conflict in the story – the adult kids’ reactions to their parents’ budding relationship – is realistic and believable. I predict that readers of contemporary romance will like this novel as much as I do!

Reviewed by: Jean

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