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Obsidion: Garnetís Fantasy

Ann Jacobs

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Changeling Press


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Obsidion: Garnetís Fantasy

Obsidion: Garnetís Fantasy is the second in a trilogy and should be read in order.

Eli of Obsidion has three daughters with three specific requirements for their mates. Garnet, the middle child, has demanded a wealthy man who can shower her in jewels and gold. Who she gets is Romulus of Aurelion, sex emporium owner. Golden-skinned Romulus seemed to be everything she wanted.

Romulus does not want to mate. He has what he needs in his clone, Remus. However, he knows that in order to fit in as an important business leader, he must. When he sees Garnet for the first time, he decides that mating might not be quite the hardship he thought it would. Can Garnet share? Can Remus share? Will they have to?

Yet again, Ann Jacobs does a wonderful job of creating a well-written story in a few pages. Garnet is a strong woman who knows what she wants. When she finds out that what she wants isnít necessarily what she needs; she does what she must. Romulus and Remusí relationship was a fascinating facet of this book and boy did I enjoy it. Obsidion: Garnetís Fantasy was a delightful afternoon escape. I cannot wait for Pearlís story!

Reviewed by: Serena

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