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House of the Rose: Glass Souls

Michaela August

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May 2005


House of the Rose: Glass Souls

Those who call themselves djinni, are in fact vampires. They protect the people of the House of the Rose, a merchant family, from any harm. The job of House Protector is to protect their Houses with their lives and wreck vengeance on those who harm their family. More importantly, the djinni search for the new incarnations of the House's ancient souls in order to crown those who have been lost.

Menelaos, the djinn who protects the Beziers House, is injured during a Crusader massacre in AD 1209. After losing most of his powers, as well as his wife and friends, Menelaos struggles to regain his powers and rejoins the mortal world.
While on a mission for the House, he gets into a battle with a squad of Crusaders and is injured by a young Crusader knight, Michel, who may be his wife, reborn. After healing his wound through djinni magic, he approaches the young knight. Believing Menelaos to be a demon, the knight retreats to try and save his cousin. Menelaos uses his familyís influence to try and find Michel, and tries desperately to get him to rejoin the ranks of djinn.

This was a fabulous story that really brought to life the authorís images of the Crusades. The atrocities that occurred were heart-rending. Ms. August has created multi-faceted characters that you love and feel for. This story does transcend genders and has souls that are reborn in different-sex bodies. All in all, it was a richly told story. Thank you, Ms. August, I look forward to the rest of the series.

Reviewed by: Serena

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