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Who’s Your Daddy?

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Justis Roux

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Who’s Your Daddy?

The alpha male inspires something in all of us. You never know what you’re reaction might be, but it may be something like this: As he walks in, I know that he is the man for me. He is confident, strong, and magnetic. I will follow him wherever he leads. I yearn for him to master me, to direct me. I am deliberately naughty, so that he will punish me. As long as he controls me, I know that he cares. He is capable of great gentleness, but tonight the bad girl in me longs for him to make me be good.

Here are just a few of the compelling stories that you will find in this anthology. Nicholas hurries home to wake his wife. He knows she longs to feel his domination. As Laura lies trapped in a trunk, she vows that she will do whatever it takes to live, even if it means submitting to Mike’s desires. Ellen meets Brian as she tours Ireland after her last relation broke up. As he guides her around the sites, she begins to see that he’s just the man to make her dreams come true. Annie and David have been friends for years and there’s always been something just beneath the surface, but they’ve never been free at the same time, until now.

This is a wonderful compilation of twenty-two short stories celebrating the alpha male. Each author brings his or her own conception of the alpha male to this anthology. Whether you love him, fear him, or even hate him, there is something about the alpha male that calls to something deep and primal in all of us.

These stories emphasize the wide-range of characteristics of the alpha male. He’s strong and masculine; gentle and loving; masterful and understanding. Sometimes, he’s even a little bad. There is something in this book for everyone. From gentle, loving caresses to passionate, fierce lovemaking to light and not-so-light BDSM, readers will find aspects of the alpha male that will definitely have them shouting, “Who’s Your Daddy?

Reviewed by: Brandy

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