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Pantasia- Forever
on the Isle of Never

Mardi Ballou

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Ellora’s Cave


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Pantasia- Forever on the Isle of Never

Nan, a fifty-two year old divorcee, is trying to rebuild her life. Her pottery business is just taking off and she is given a wonderful opportunity at a new resort that is opening up. Meeting Mike Darlin is an unexpected pleasure. He is a very sexy, younger man that is pursuing her. As the two give in to passion, Nan begins to have doubts about their relationship. When Mike’s beautiful young ex-wife returns for him, Nan does not believe that she and Mike really have a chance to be together.

Mike has been hurt by love in the past and is reluctant to take a chance again. Something about Nan draws him and he wants to be with her. Nan and he both have reasons for not wanting to be involved, but are unable to resist the allure of the passion that erupts between them. Mike’s ex-wife mistakenly believes that he will take her back by ending his budding relationship with Nan.

Forever on the Isle of Never is a very honest look at an older woman/younger man relationship. The author does not shy away from the doubts that might plague this type of relationship. Nan and Mike have a deep emotional and sexual bond that make them strive to have a relationship no matter what hardships they have to overcome.

Reviewed by: Tewanda

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