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Young Vampires
In Love

Mardi Ballou

Published By:
Ellora’s Cave


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Young Vampires In Love

What do you do when you are about to receive an award for being the Most Dull and Boring Vampires? You have to make some changes. Lynette Loring and Darlene DeMars, writers of vampire romance novels, have just been informed by their master, Laurence de Cormignac, the Comte du Montnoir, that they have officially been nominated for this award. In order for the du Montnoir line not to carry the title for the next 200 years, Lynette and Darlene must make some changes in their lives.

In order to stop Lynette and Darlene from destroying his life for the next 200 years, the Comte recommends that the girls make a visit to a shop called The Happy Humping. A shop that carries the latest toys, gadgets, books and videos, a shop that deals in sex. To besides The Happy Humping, the Comte also recommends that the ladies take a trip to Club Decadent, for a bit of social life and entertainment.

The ladies make the trip to Club Decadent, and take in the show, not just of dance, but of sex. Darlene and Lynette have different ideas of sex, especially of how it should be used in their writings. Darlene, the more conservative of the duo, finds the show reprehensible, whereas Lynette finds the show very entertaining.

Lynette and Darlene decide that they’ve had enough of Club Decadent, and make their way to The Happy Humping. While visiting The Happy Humping, Darlene and Lynette meet two human males. Lynette makes the acquaintance of the handsome Nickolas LaStrada and Darlene meets the mysterious Jon Torrance. Lynette and Darlene’s lackluster lives are changed forever, as is the rapid decline of their careers as writers, with the introduction of Nick and Jon.

Will Jon and Nick stay human, or will they join their loves and become vampire?

Mardi Ballou is an exceptional author who has taken vampires to a whole new level. They show a level of humanity not normally seen in stories about vampires. Vampires can love, and be hurt by love, just as humans can. I found this story very intriguing and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next. 5 Angels

Reviewed by: Dawn

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