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Robert Buckley

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Amber Quill Press


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After taking a shower, Harry heads downstairs nude and finds his neighbor Tara sitting at the kitchen table, after letting herself in via the back door. Shocked at seeing her and hearing what she asks him, he runs back upstairs to get dressed. He can't believe she wants him to take her to bed, all because she thinks her husband is cheating on her. On top of that he finds out that the neighbors think he's gay. After his wife left him for the next-door neighbor, Harry has been keeping mainly to himself. Harry decides to talk to Mike and let him know what is going on and hopes that it will help Tara.

Tara doesn't know what to do. Mike, her husband is having an affair, or so she thinks. They tried a marriage counselor and that didn't work. Now Mike has told her that Jim and Linda, the swingers of the block, are throwing a party and using Tara's house. Things are getting worse for her and her marriage. Tara is afraid that if she doesn't go along with Mike or get him to understand her feelings that her marriage is over. Tara now has to decide what to do and see if Harry will help her out.

Mr. Buckley has written a story that is a quick but fun read. These two people are finding out that the road they took may not be the right one, until they find they need each other. Do they do what needs to be done in order to find happiness? Well read this quickie and find out. Subdivision gives us a look at what a neighborhood could be like if all on the block felt the same way. 3 Angels

Reviewed by: Donna

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