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At The Stroke of Midnight

Lanette Curington

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Venus Press


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At The Stroke of Midnight

The perfect timing is at the masquerade ball on All Hallow's Eve. Death can become a semi-man for just a few hours before the stroke of midnight. His mission is to save the life of Olivia DeBenning. Previously on three occasions, he has risked his position as the Grim Reaper to keep her living just a little bit longer. If he does it again, it will be his last assignment-ever. Death does not know what happened to the past grim reapers when they showed humanity. He is willing to risk it. For the inner beauty of Olivia continues to touch him deep inside. He longs to give her a long life and watch her gracefully grow old and grey. But her hourglass is always near the end. In these final hours of her life, he must make Olivia confront the truth that has been surrounding her for years. Death and Olivia may not have much time together, but he will make sure that she has all the time she needs for the rest of her life.
At the Stroke of Midnight is a very unique and thought provoking story. I love how almost the entire story was told by Death himself. He reaches out to the reader without any pretense or ulterior motives. Olivia is such a sweet and unselfish person, that she is perfect for the Grim Reaper. Although this really did not follow the romance formula like many books, it is indeed a love story. It is just more subtle. I devoured this book until the last word was read. You will be looking at "Death" quite differently after reading his story.

Reviewed by: Anita


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