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Jet Mykles,
Raine Weaver
and Jeigh Lynn

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Loose Id


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Leashed: Two For One DealJet Mykles
Meg is in serious need of help. Unable to turn to her mother or the local Grande Dame, she casts a leashing spell to bring her a protector. Though the idea of owning someone is distasteful to her, desperate times call for desperate measures. When her spell brings her two shape shifters she is stunned that she is one of the few who can leash a pair. One a werewolf, one a werejaguar, they are different in attitudes and looks, though only one finds being leashed abhorrent. There is more to them than meets the eye. Both are very attracted to Meg – as she is to both of them. But will they be able to save Meg from the powerful witch who wants her for his own? Why does he want her so badly? Why is Meg isolated from her family and some of the local witching community? What passions lie beneath Meg’s surface that her two shifters bring to the forefront?

Wolfe’s Gate by Raine Weaver
Scarlett, Red to her friends, is stranded by a storm. Her car has slid off the road and is mired in mud. Terrified of storms, she is out of her mind. Thankfully, there is a house nearby, where she can see light. There is definitely someone in the house, though it takes much pounding and shouting on Red’s behalf before the door is opened. At which point she is first confronted by an ice-cold, disdainful woman, then an imposing and irritated man, who for some reason she is inexplicably attracted to. Allowed to stay for the night, the goings on at the house are strange, though arousing, to say the least. Being locked in her room is not something Red is happy with, but she has little choice. What lies in wait for her? Does she face a danger that she cannot see? What is it about Grayson Wolfe that draws her?

All Hallows’ MoonJeigh Lynn
All Hallows’ Moon is the tale of Jill Parker and Devon, aka Dash, Rigotti, the long awaited story in the Moon series by Jeigh Lynn. When Devon returns home for the Halloween party, he has no clue that his life is soon to change forever. At first, things go normally; his brother is still at school, his little sister jumps him, his father is not home and his mother is in the kitchen baking. Upon his brother’s return, Dash reacts in a way he never has before. He picks up a scent on his brother’s shirt, one that makes him respond immediately with an intensity he has never before felt. His eyes change, his cock hardens to almost painful proportions. His brother gets so creeped out, he makes a gift of his shirt to Dash. Even with the shirt in his hands, he cannot stop inhaling the scent. The intoxicating smell is that of his brother’s best friend, Jill. There is something different about her. Could she be his mate? After spending an intoxicating night with her after she clips him with her car when he is out for a run, he comes to the conclusion that she is. But when she leaves without a note, he is bewildered but determined to get her back. Besieged on all sides with advice from his family on the course to take with her, he is torn as to what to do. What does he decide on? Is she his mate, the one woman he will be with for the rest of his life? How will she deal with his being a werewolf?

If you are an erotic paranormal fan, this anthology is definitely one for you! All of these stories are sizzling. I wanted to get this one because of Jeigh Lynn’s All Hallows’ Moon. Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the other two so far released in the series, I was eager to get my hands on this one. Though I had never read the other two author’s before, I decided to take the risk – and am very happy that I did! Jet Mykles’ Leashed: Two For One Deal is definitely the most erotic of the trio. Be warned, there are m/m scenes, double penetrations, anal sex/play and so much more. Wowee, you’ll need something – or someone – to cool you down. Raine Weaver’s Wolfe Gate is a great tale about a woman who is determined to get her man and a man who’s struggling not to let himself get caught. Jeigh Lynn’s All Hallows’ Moon is a fabulous story that ties in brilliantly with the others in the series, though it is slightly different in that it does not have the action or suspense that the others have intertwined in their plot. As with Ms. Mykles’s tale, it also has anal sex/play for both characters. All in this anthology are very erotic and superbly written stories, centered around shape shifters, which I have devoured fervently. This is an anthology that won’t disappoint! I shall most surely be reading more from all of these authors.

Reviewed by: Elizabeth


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