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Kira’s Best Friend

Natalie J.

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Amber Quill Press


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Kira’s Best Friend

Jake McKenna had always been sure of things in his life. But right now he’s not sure of anything. His doctor found a mole on his back and was afraid it could be a sign of terminal cancer. With his parents out of the country, Jake called his best friend, Kira Macgregor. She rushes back to Brook Hollow from Boston when she gets Jake’s call.

In fear and desperation, Jake reaches out to Kira in a way he had always wanted to, but never dared before. After their love making, Kira had to tell Jake that she did not “love” him in the way he loved her. After finding out that Jake’s mole was not cancerous, Kira returned to Boston with a heavy heart; her perfect friendship torn apart.

Six months later Kira comes home for Christmas. When Kira finds out that Jake has a girlfriend, she suddenly starts to question her feelings. Could she have been wrong? Had she really loved Jake as he loved her all these years?

In the beginning this seems like an old-fashioned romance of love almost found, lost and then found again. But actually, there are quite a few twists and turns here. Some made me shake my head and roll my eyes at the characters, and others made me laugh.

The author also weaved into this story some very important and real issues that are faced in our modern world, such as ambition and deceit. Also how at times we follow a path that others have told us is the right way, instead of looking inside and following the path that will make us happy.

And that makes this story much more than “old-fashioned,” and one that should – and will be – enjoyed.

Reviewed by: Kathy


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