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Welcome to My Nightmare

Lani Aames

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Amber Quill Press


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Welcome to My Nightmare

Every night Carmen Tavarez-King has been having sexual dreams of Nicodemus. She knows he is just a figment of her imagination. Nic feels so real that Carmen aches when she wakes up in the morning. The more she dreams of her dream lover, the more she cannot live without him. But Nicodemus, a Dreamscaper, is one of a few guardians of the dream world. His duties are to make sure the restless Shadow Demons do not enter the human world. While Nicís attraction for Carmen has hindered his duties, the Shadow Demons are even more persistent in infiltrating the human realm.

Welcome to My Nightmare is a highly erotic, dark, entertaining paranormal tale. Carmen is plagued with wet dreams that she yearns for a man like Nic in the real world. Nicodemus is a guardian who has developed an attraction to Carmen. He enters her dreams more often than any other human he is protecting. There nightly rendezvous has allowed Nic to develop a relationship with Carmen and explain his world to her. Their chemistry just sizzles. Their nightly escapades make you crave for more that you might want to have your partner near by. Nic just oozes in sexuality while Carmen is one lucky gal who has all her fantasies come true. All the characters, good and evil, are quite fascinating. Nic and fellow guardian Leviticus as well as Carmen and her best friend Jancy definitely give the baddies a run for their money. The baddies are a wicked group of evil. Uriah gave me the goose bumps. I thoroughly enjoyed the amount of detail and information about dreams incorporated in this e-book. Ms. Aames has intrigued my curiosity about the subconscious realm. I would definitely love to have Nic join me in the dream realm, but one can only dream. Welcome to My Nightmare offers a dark adventure, hot sex and a love so strong that the baddies will run for cover. I look forward to reading more for Ms. Aames. Thanks!

Reviewed by: Tallyn


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