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Beguiling Dreams

Fred Stemme

Published By:
Amber Quill



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Beguiling Dreams

Hank Braddock was a young man of seventeen, just out of high school, who had dreams of becoming a newspaper reporter. The Chicago Tribune wanted Hank to come and work for them, but he turned them down to stay home and work for the local paper, The Bee, to sell advertising while doing a few reporting assignments as they came along.

Hank had decided to stay in his hometown of Calvin, Indiana to be with his girl, Becky Price. Becky had said she had lived in Chicago, and could never think of going back. She adored Hank and had dreams of the two of them being invited to parties that were held by the most prominent family in town - the Connors.

When the owner of the paper, Mr. Smith, decides to take a vacation, Hank is able to take on more assignments. He inadvertently comes across some information concerning the cannery that Phineus Connor runs. It would seem that in a small amount of time, quite a number of the men working there had sustained very bad physical injuries from one of the machines. Since there were no laws regarding worker's compensation, the injured had to just get patched up and keep working regardless of their injuries.

As Hank keeps digging for information, he finds himself looking at his town and himself in a very different way. Not to mention, he was quickly becoming one of the town's more unpopular young men.

This is a great story that explores the pain that is felt when we see our nice, neat, romantic view of the world change before our eyes. The characters, dialogue and action keep moving at a steady pace, but never too fast or slow. I found myself laughing at one moment, and clenching my fists in anger the next, as I followed Hank through his journey.

Reviewed by: Kathy

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