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Birdsingers Woman

Sherry Derr-Wille

Published By:
Whiskey Creek


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Electroni, Print

Birdsingers Woman

Upholding a tradition of Kit and her father, Kit travels to an annual powwow. Kit decides that at this year's powwow she will give herself to Carter, a man she met years before at her first powwow. Before she is able to accomplish her desire, Kit finds herself transported back to another time. A time when the traditions being reenacted at the powwow were happening. How will she ever find her way back?

As the second son of the tribe's shaman, Akito is not allowed to marry. His lot in life is as a bird singer and a hunter to provide for the families of his father and older brother, who will become shaman. When Akito finds Kit at the edge of the lake, he is stunned by her beauty and wants her for himself. The Spirit Woman from the future has been foretold by the ancients and is believed to possess wonderful powers. Unfortunately, Kit doesn't have any such powers, but her knowledge of the future and advances that have been made in healing provide all the proof that these people need to believe that she does.

Suddenly Kit finds herself a very valuable woman not only among Akito's tribe, but among other's as well. With all of the obstacles in their path, will these two lovers find the way to be together without upsetting ancient traditions?

This book is AWESOME! So rich in detail of the Native American traditions, it is obvious that the author has spent a great deal of time in research. Sherry Derr-Wille is truly a gifted author with an amazing amount of imagination. Her characters are lively, feisty, and totally believable. Kit is tossed into a world not completely unknown to her because of her studies, but the shock of suddenly finding herself possibly hundreds of years in the past comes out loud and clear in Kit's behavior. Akito is a terrific hero. Handsome, smart, brave, and courageous make him the perfect leading man. He knows what he wants and is willing to do anything, including giving up everything he loves and holds dear to obtain it. This reviewer just about swoons at the sheer thought of having such a man in her life! Birdsinger's Woman is a delight in every way. Clear you whole afternoon for this one because once you start to read, you won't be able to stop. Heart wrenching in parts, this reviewer cried with the turmoil these characters felt. Humorous in parts, this reviewer laughed at their antics. Not to mention the true love romance that these two characters share. What more could you ask for? Very highly recommended and totally worthy of this 5 angel rating.

Reviewed by: Penny

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