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Gillianís Island

Lani Ames

Published By:
Amber Quill Press


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Gillianís Island

Gillian Alford was excited to be taking a vacation with her boyfriend of one year, Brandt Powers, her best friend Paige and Paigeís boyfriend Tony. Gillian knows she loves Brandt, but does not want to reveal her feelings until she knows how he feels. Being shipwrecked of the Florida Keys was something none of them expected. Brandt loves Gillian and knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. But if he reveals himself too soon he may lose her. While on the island, Brandt and Gillian feel free to delve into their most intimate and secret sexual fantasies. The two look for the treasure that Gillianís father told her was buried on the island.

Tony Stompanato believes that Paige Douglas is the woman for him. Their age difference means nothing to him, but it is paramount to Paige. Paige is positive that a younger woman will come into Tonyís life and take him from her, leaving Paige heartbroken. After their boat is shipwrecked on the uninhabited side of an island, the two go to look for help. During this time, Paige decides she must end her relationship with Tony before he dumps her.

Gillianís Island is the story of two passionate couples and the mystery of love. Each couple must reveal what is in their hearts if they want to advance their relationship. The radical differences in the couples make each one memorable. The sex is combustible between each couple. Ms. Ames use of romance, sex and mystery is wonderful.

Reviewed by: Tewanda

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