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A Pair of Wings

Lorna K. Grant

Published By:
Vintage Romance Publishing


Release Date:
December 2005


Page Count:

A Pair of Wings

Even though their love is deep, will the ravages of war destroy their love before it has a chance?

Colleen Vaughn is a nurse on the front line of the war. She is surrounded by devastation and pain, with very little hope to offset the sadness. When she meets CPT Daniel Ryan, the spark between them is instantaneous, but she is fearful of giving her heart to a pilot. She understands the inherent danger in his job and she isnít sure her heart can withstand more heartache.

Daniel Ryan is a Mustang pilot, perhaps one of the best in his unit. Until he met Colleen, his focus was purely on the need to defeat as many Germans as possible. Now as he flies missions to protect Allied planes and his brothers in arms, he finds a new reason to ensure he makes it safely home. Can he convince Colleen that love is always worth the risk?

A Pair of Wings is a poignant story set against the background of war. The strength of the story lies in the characters and the accuracy of the time period. It is very easy for readers to understand and empathize with the pain and hope the characters feel as they react to the very real devastation of war. The men and women portrayed are feasible and likable. Even though Colleen and Danielís love blooms quickly, the future is uncertain. Ms. Grant depicts their tests and trials in such a way that readersí hearts canít help but be touched. Not only must Colleen and Daniel confront the physical complications implied by war, but also the harsher emotional lessons that come from being confronted with loss and death. Readers may not always like the decisions made by the characters, but they are consistent with the personalities Ms. Grant has crafted and the reality of the human spirit during struggles. The plot moves along at a comfortable pace and allows readers to be drawn into the entire story. A Pair of Wings will leave readers moved by the depth of love and friendship Colleen and Daniel discover, while also serving as a reminder that life and love are never to be taken lightly.

Reviewed by: Amanda


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