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Obsidion: Pearl of Passion

Ann Jacobs

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Changeling Press


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Obsidion: Pearl of Passion

Pearl is the third sister to be paired by the matchmaker, Meredith.  Garnet got her rich man, Emerald got her prince, all Pearl wants is a lusty man with an imagination.  That can't be so hard can it? Meredith matched her with Pak Lin, the son of the famed sexbot creator Pak Song.  A sexbot creator has to have an amazing capacity for sexual play, right? 
After their mating, Pearl finds out that sex isn't enough when faced with a lack of feeling.  In his drive to create a life-like sexbot, Pak Lin has forgotten how to live. Can she release Pak Lin from his self-inflicted cage?
I enjoyed this book. I thought that the characters were intriguing and the plot interesting.  To try and unleash a man's sensuality when his whole life revolves around creating the perfect lover is a fascinating idea.  Pearl definitely has her own ideas about what makes a good mate/husband and isn't afraid to go all out to get what she wants. Ann Jacobs delivers a fun read in Obsidion: Pearl of Passion.

Reviewed by: Serena


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