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A Touch Of Heaven

Lily Graison

Published By:
Linden Bay


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A Touch Of Heaven

For months, Paige has been planning a little girl time with her friends before their high school reunion. She is excited to see her friends again and cannot wait to catch up. Paige and her friends, who got there early, spend the first night talking about their lives after high school and reminiscing about their time in school, while waiting for Heather to show up. Paige’s friends start teasing her about Colin, the pale kid in school they taunted, who sent Paige poems and was always around her. Paige had never spoken up in his defense but had laughed along with her friends even though she did not like it. She had kept all the poems Colin had written and thought that he was kind.

Heather showed up the next day with tickets for everyone to “The Pleasure Dome”, an exclusive strip club. Paige does not really want to go but does to keep her friends happy.

“Simon”, the main entertainment of the night looks out before his performance and recognizes the girls that ridiculed him in school and only hopes they don’t recognize him as the weak, shy kid they made fun of, until his gaze lands on Paige. He had loved her in school but had always been shy. “Simon” realizes that this is his chance to get close to her but, wonders how she will react when she finds out who he really is.

A Touch Of Heaven is a heart-warming story that will have you falling in love with Paige and Colin. There is enough passion and sexy scenes to have you stroking from the heat. I felt that Colin had a lot of strength and dignity. Paige was not nearly as strong at standing up for herself and what she wanted but she did remedy that towards the end. This book will draw you in and have you wishing for your own touch of heaven.

Lily Graison has done a fabulous job of writing an engaging story with exciting, passionate characters and a fast paced plot that will have you cheering. I will definitely be putting her on my favorite authors list.

Reviewed by: Tammy


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