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Blood Kiss

Mechele Armstrong

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Loose Id


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Blood Kiss

Sarah comes home from work to discover the body of her friend and roommate, Tori, lying naked and dead on the coffee table with a kiss of blood on her lips. At Toriís funeral, Sarah notices a striking man in a black suit but before she can find out who he is, he leaves and she cannot seem to forget him. The police and FBI agent, who later question Sarah, tell her that they think Toriís murder was the work of a serial killer and not an isolated incident

Nick Mancuso is standing behind the crowd of mourners at Toriís funeral looking for Marcus, the vampire he created, who is killing women, when he feels someone staring at him and finds a beautiful woman. Nick starts walking towards her but leaves when the parents of the dead girl walk over to her, never expecting to see her again.

Sarah is having dreams of the murder and of her friendís killer that make her extremely jumpy but when she dreams of another girl being murdered she knows, theyíre not just dreams anymore. When her car will not start after work one night, Sarah walks to a nearby club where her friend, Jan is suppose to pick her up. While waiting, Sarah is surprised to see the black suited man from the funeral and is thrilled when he comes over and introduces himself as Nick.

Sarah and Nick are growing closer when Sarah discovers that Nick is a vampire, hunting for the killer he created. Nick does not want to believe that Sarah can see Marcus but when she is put in danger of being the next victim, Nick knows that he needs her help to track down the killer. Can Nick and Sarah trust each other enough to work together in stopping Marcusís sick little games?

Blood Kiss will definitely have you hooked from the first page until the last with its detailed characters and imaginative plot. Nick and Sarahís attraction is evident from the beginning and only gets stronger as their relationship develops; as the anticipation and passion build between Nick and Sarah so does the threat and danger. Sarah is strong and smart but does not realize her own gifts. Nick is confident, dedicated and the perfect man to bring out Sarahís best. Readers will be drawn in and enthralled by the incredible mix of sensuality and darkness that fills the pages and makes your heart skip a beat. Mechele Armstrong has created a fantastic story that is hot, sultry, and fun to read. I am looking forward to reading any of her future stories.

Reviewed by: Tammy


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