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Night of Inspiration

Jenna Allen

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Phaze books


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Night of Inspiration

Did you ever wish for more money and an easier life?

Things are tight for this husband and wife. While Trevor is the younger man married to Cassie, an older woman, life just is not going so great right now for them. They need a little help along the way. With money issues plaguing them, the sexual side of their life is not right either; they fight a lot and the tension makes things miserable between them.

They need a Night of Inspiration to get them going - a night to relax and let nature take it course. Cassie peeks in on the neighbors as they are having sex, and gets enlightened. Oh, the ideas she has! Will Trevor and Cassie act on those feelings and ideas?

While Night of Inspiration is not a long book, you are enticed to read it as the scenes are hot, steamy, and very dreamy! I loved the way Jenna Allen made it so that it could be the story of any couple who has been through what Cassie and Trevor are experiencing. I could relate to the feelings and issues that they face as a couple trying to get it all together.

This is a good and hot read! I wish it was a bit longer, as I was so curious to find out more about the couple. Besides Jenna Allen pleased me with how well her characters came to life on these pages.

Reviewed by: Wendi


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