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Against the Rules

Natalie J.

Published By:
Echelon Press


Release Date:
October 2, 2004


Against the Rules

Natalie J. Damschroder has delivered a romance that is a recommended read for fans of contemporary romance. Against the Rules brings us Veronica Bailey, a well-respected banker on the fast track to success. She has her entire life planned out, too bad that the men that fit her plan leave her bored and uninterested. Nicholas Trent is far from the perfect man she imagined; boring is the last adjective she would use to describe him. The philosophy professor resembles the bad boys she has spent a lifetime avoiding. Can Veronica make room in her plan for a man that doesn’t fit the mold? As sparks fly and passion builds, how will these two lovers deal with the future and the secret Nicholas is hiding?

This is a truly enjoyable read. Ms. Damschroder has filled this story with elements that flow well and which create a wonderful tale you will want to escape into. Her characters are a joy. Veronica and Nicholas are characters you will come to love. They are portrayed realistically, and the honesty of their emotions and self-doubts are something every person in love can relate to. The additional characters within the story provide romance, humor, and a background for Veronica and Nicholas to shine. The dialogue and plot set the mood and keep the reader involved from start to finish. The family interaction will charm you and the dilemmas the lovers must overcome will have you hoping that true love will win in the end. If you are looking for a story that delivers the passion and wonder of new love, Against the Rules is a must read!

Reviewed by: Amanda

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