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The Society 1: Regulating

Brenda Bryce

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Loose Id


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The Society 1: Regulating Archimedes

Stephen Westlake is the newly appointed Regulator of The Society, a self-governing international network of vampires. In The Society, the Regulator is the official investigator, and his first assignment is to investigate the Archimedes – the human chief scientist of the Society. Westlake discovers that the Archimedes is betraying the Society’s secrets to ... well, he doesn’t know yet, but he’ll find out. In the meanwhile, the Society needs another chief scientist, and Westlake is assigned to find out which of the people on the short list that he has been given is the fittest to hold the job.

Dr. Angela Heissman, a scientist doing research for a cure for anemia, is one of the people on that list. Though Westlake is doubtful of her qualifications, after meeting her he realizes that there is more here than meets the eye. Heissman turns out to be Westlake’s destined mate – and then the test tubes really hit the fan!

Bryce has written a really funny story here. She’s managed to make it true comedy, which is unusual, because the vampire genre seems to lend itself to parody more than comedy. The writing is smooth and literate, if a bit flip; the characterizations are lively and – if one can say this of a vampire – realistic. The idea of a nine hundred year old cowboy PI vampire struck me as hilarious. I did think that the protagonists did rather easily overcome all the obstacles thrown in front of them, but this isn’t primarily a mystery or suspense novel, so I didn’t worry too much. The sex scenes are hot and heavy, and very explicit, but they are between a loving couple and emotionally satisfying to the reader. I enjoyed this one as pure escapism, and I’m sure that other vampire lovers will too!

Reviewed by: Jean

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