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Mixed Nuts

Venita Louise

Published By:
Vintage Romance Publishing


Release Date:
October 2005

Electronic/ Print

Page Count:

Mixed Nuts

Frank Beal is a jingle writer doing his best to pluck out an upper-middle class living for his family. He has a wife who seems to be going through a personal crisis, rowdy kids including a daughter going through 'that teen thing' and a neighbor always one upping him. Now on top of it all he seems to have hit the wall... writer's block. An attempt to vent his frustration leads to a declaration of war by the 'rich neighbor's' Brazilian gardener. Suddenly Frank has his hands full with voodoo spells being cast and needing to be counteracted. With the help of his goofy brother and a Voodoo priestess with a unique sense of humor, Frank attempts to set things straight in his world. Of course chaos quickly ensues. When you wish for the perfect life you may get more than you bargain for. For instance how is a guy supposed to get any work done when his wife has become a sex-kitten and every time he is near her she tries to seduce him?

I found Mixed Nuts to be a unique reading experience. The characters are colorful and quirky, and full of life. The story is a pleasure to read, sometimes a bit off the wall, sometimes melancholy, and always a bit humorous. I had read nothing about this book prior to picking it to review, and as often turns out to be the case, feel like I managed to unearth a hidden gem. Set in the 60's this one has a flavor of the unrest of the times. I found this especially true of the wife in this story. Joan longs for more than the happy housewife's existence expected of her and throws herself wholeheartedly into exploring her sexuality when given the opportunity. Far and above, the star of this one is the husband, Frank. He longs for something in his ordinary life and seems to not even know what it is himself. Watching him and his goofy brother stumble their way through voodoo spells and deal with the consequences had me in tears of laughter.
If you are looking for something different, a bit offbeat filled with a lot of zany situations... pick this one up.

Reviewed by: Johnna

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