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Eight is Never

Trixie Stilletto &
T.D. McKinney

Published By:
Amber Quill Press


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Eight is Never Enough

Debbie Oaks is a hot shot publicist that has just landed a choice contract. Her brainstorm of publicity packets including an amazing sex toy is her best work ever! When the wrong toys come in the mail, she is livid! Calling and chewing out whoever she can get to isnít working, so she demands to have a deliveryman come out and take back the mini dildos that she got.

F.S. Wilson canít understand why people canít just read the fine print. What part of no returns donít they understand? If it werenít for the fact that she was one of their best customers, F.S. would never have made a house call. Why would a woman want a gross of those mini penises anyway?

With Hurricane Debby coming closer and their hormones way out of control, do these two even have a chance?

This was a fun read. In sixty pages these two authors do a great job of setting up both an enjoyable plot and two memorable characters. The idea that a straight-laced man would be stuck as the heir apparent to a big sex toy industry is hilarious. Debby and F.S. sure steamed up the pages of this book. I donít know if the disaster of a hurricane was needed, but it did help the story along. This was a great joint project from Trixie Stilletto and T.D. McKinney. I hope to see more collaboration between these two authors. They work together well.

Reviewed by: Serena

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