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Down and Dirty

Ryhannon Byrd,
Mardi Ballou,
Vonna Harper

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Ellora's Cave


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Down and Dirty

Second to None By Rhyannon Byrd
Remy Frost is determined to remove Jason Hawkes from her mind and heart. Her brotherís best friend has been a constant temptation and heartbreak since Remy was a teen. Just as she has decided to forget about Jason, he now seems to want her. Someone is leaving threatening notes for Remy and Jason will do whatever it takes to protect what is his.

Love For Hire By Mardi Ballou
Nick Love intends to find out what Stephanie is up to. Having been involved with a scam artist, Stephanie is under investigation. Meeting her through a questionable dating service, Nick agrees to play the part of interested suitor to get information on Stephanie. Stephanie, having been hurt before, is reluctant to even meet Nick. Sparks fly when the two meet and Nick is afraid of what will happen when Stephanie discovers his secret.

Tracked Down By Vonna Harper
Carlin Witmer is surprised by her instant attraction to Lonato Ray. Lonato is on the trail of a criminal and needs one of the dogs that Carlin trains to help him get his prey. Unwilling to allow Lonato to go alone, Carlin accompanies him on his search. As the two work together, the attraction between them cannot be ignored. When danger finds them, the two will take any risk in order to save the other.

The anthology, Down and Dirty, looks at three very special men in law enforcement and the women who love them. Each story focuses on men determined to solve a mystery and to protect the women they love. In Second to None, a long ignored love comes to the light and will no longer be ignored. Remy and Jason both struggle to control the love they feel but find that being in love does not mean being in control. Love For Hire finds the hero forced to betray the woman he has quickly come to love. Stephanie feels betrayed by Nickís actions but must forgive him in order to get the love she wants. In Tracked Down the hero must look deep within in himself to help the woman he loves overcome a vicious attack. Carlin is willing to risk everything in order to save the man she loves and then must fight to regain a precious part of her that is taken. I enjoyed that each author created two very strong individuals that were willing to fight for what they wanted. The character and plot development in each story is superb and you will hate to see the story end. I look forward to reading more from these authors.

Reviewed by: Tewanda

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