Nail Polish and Feathers by Jo Ramsey

Unfortunately, bullying in today’s school is frequently seen. Schools are supposed to be a safe and secure place for children, but in many cases, the teachers and administration turn a blind eye to what is going on, especially if the bullies come from well-to-do families or are jocks. This leaves the kids on their own, without support or anyone to go to for help. Evan was lucky to have Holly to help him, but even she didn’t understand the level the bullying had taken. The bullies had pretty much gotten away with their behavior in school and thought nothing about taking it into the community, never expecting that they would be arrested for their behavior. If the school had followed the rules, many of the problems Evan had been having would never have happened. Evan’s feelings of isolation, depression, and anger allowed the reader to understand the true ramifications and damage that bullying can cause and the fragile hope that each child has to be accepted and loved without question.

Genre: M/M, Young Adult
Tags: Contemporary, M/M, Recommended Read, Romance, Young Adult
Published by Harmony Ink Press
Total Score: 50/50 +RR

Intro: 5Characters: 5
Plot: 5Setting: 5
Relationship: 5Dialogue: 5
Synopsis: 5Pacing: 5
Conflict: 5Mechanics: 5


Sixteen-year-old Evan Granger has no problems with being gay. Despite his mother’s objections, he wears nail polish and makeup to school and pursues his goal of becoming a professional drag queen.

TV drag star Taffy Sweet gives encouragement and Evan’s cousin Holly tries to protect him, but school bullies abuse him so badly because of his sexuality and the girly way he dresses that he ends up at the hospital emergency room. After that, even his new crush, a closeted football jock named Moe Garcia, is unhappy about Evan’s choice to live his life openly gay. But even in girly clothes and nail polish, Evan is a force to be reckoned with, and he soon shows the bullies—and everyone else—that beating a drag queen up does not mean the queen is beaten down.

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