Shoulder Pads and Flannel by Jo Ramsey

As the story unfolded, it was crazy how the only adult at Evan and Guillermo’s school who stood up for them was the football coach! The school talked a good talk, but in the end, they had to protect themselves. When Guillermo came out to his football teammates, the misconceptions they had about gay people were sad. The love and acceptance between Guillermo and Evan was put to the test as they dealt with more threats against them. Guillermo found out that his own brother Ernesto was somehow involved, but when a friend of Ernesto’s was threatened, Guillermo immediately made sure that they were safe. I couldn’t believe how the boys that attacked Evan were released and Evan wasn’t the only one in danger. It was inspiring how the boys and their friends banded together to support each other. As the book ended, I felt that there was more yet to come and I hope that this isn’t the end to Guillermo and Evan’s story.
Genre: M/M, Young Adult
Series: Deep Secrets and Hope | Tags: Contemporary, M/M, Young Adult
Published by Harmony Ink Press
Total Score: 50/50

Intro: 5Characters: 5
Plot: 5Setting: 5
Relationship: 5Dialogue: 5
Synopsis: 5Pacing: 5
Conflict: 5Mechanics: 5


Deep Secrets and Hope: Book Two

High school football star Guillermo Garcia can count himself among the popular kids–for now. Although he secretly dates Evan Granger, who is openly gay and badly bullied for it, Guillermo doesn’t dare let his teammates, classmates, or close-knit family learn about his sexuality.

But Guillermo witnessed an attack on Evan, and now the school bullies plan to out Guillermo in retaliation. In their small town, word spreads rapidly, so Guillermo must make a quick choice–come out now on his own or risk having someone else do it for him.

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