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In the Flesh by Ethan Stone

In honor of my favorite genres here are my ten favorite mysteries or thrillers that I didn’t write.

1. Todd Mills series by R.D. Zimmerman
This series is one of the first I read when I discovered M/M. The first book, Closet, is about the death of reporter Todd Mill’s lover and his subsequent outing. The series follows Todd’s fall from fame and climbing the career leader again while navigating being out, and a romance with a police detective. All the books have well-written mysteries, and though the second book, Tribe, wasn’t as good, the following stories were all excellent. I wish Zimmerman would’ve written more.

2. Benjamin Justice series by John Morgan Wilson
This series are hard-hitting and angst-filled. Wilson throws more shit at his character than I’ve ever seen before. If you’re looking for an HEA these books are not for you, but if you enjoy a strong mystery with an incredible main character and excellent supporting cast I would highly recommend this series. Cristian Flesh was inspired by Justice, but I would never put Cristian through what happened to Justice.

3. Alex Cross by James Patterson
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